Here’s how to use PowerPoint Designer to make expertly planned slideshow introductions.

PowerPoint Designer, additionally called PowerPoint Design Ideas, is a component found in the most recent version of Microsoft PowerPoint. It utilizes computerized reasoning to assist you with picking good-looking and related formats, pictures, and plans. It shows up on a sheet on the correct side of the screen and continually shows up on your slides.

How to use PowerPoint Designer to create professionally designed slideshow presentations

Here are the beginning and end you need to think about using PowerPoint Designer on your Mac, PC, iPad, Android, or Windows tablet, or on the PowerPoint Online site.

How PowerPoint Designer can help you

This element can help improve your PowerPoint layers in three significant manners:

Design schemes– PowerPoint Designer can recommend a variety of shape plans for your deck that convey across each slide. There is a lot of alternatives to browse, so your deck will not resemble a “cutout” slideshow. 

Attractive slide layout options- The component can examine each slide and make ideas for better approaches to introduce your content and illustrations. For instance, it can change over a rundown of dates into a course of events, or take a bulleted rundown and show it as SmartArt. 

Illustration suggestions- PowerPoint Designer’s AI motor audits the content in your slides for watchwords and proposes representations and different illustrations that mirror your purpose. It can quickly make a visual topic for your slides with simply a tick that would some way or another be very time-and examination concentrated.

How to get PowerPoint Designer

PowerPoint Designer is incorporated into the Microsoft PowerPoint work area application and shouldn’t be introduced. It’s accessible on the off chance that you are an endorser of Microsoft 365 – if you have a stand-alone edition of Microsoft PowerPoint, the Designer won’t be accessible in the work area application. 

If you have a Microsoft 365 membership, here’s the way to empower the element:

  1. In the PowerPoint desktop app, click “File,” and then click “Options.”
  2. In the “PowerPoint Options” dialog box, make sure you’re on the “General” tab, and then find PowerPoint Designer. Click both checkboxes to enable the feature’s ability to make suggestions.
  3. Click “OK” to close the “Options” window.
  4. If the Design Ideas pane isn’t open, click “Design” in the ribbon and then click “Design Ideas” in the Design ribbon. The pane should now appear.

How to use PowerPoint Designer to create professionally designed slideshow presentations

You can likewise use PowerPoint Designer in an internet browser on PowerPoint Online on the off chance that you have a Microsoft OneDrive record or SharePoint Online record. It’s additionally accessible in the versatile application for iPad, Android tablets, and Windows tablets. You can’t use PowerPoint Designer on iPhone, Android, or Windows, phones.

The most effective method to use PowerPoint Designer on the work area application, mobile app, or website.

Getting to PowerPoint Designer is similar whether you’re utilizing a Mac or PC, iPad, Android, or Windows tablet, or PowerPoint Online.

  1. If it’s not effectively open, show the Design Ideas sheet on the correct side of the screen by clicking “design Ideas” in the ribbon. You can discover it in the “design” tab.
  2. If this is the first time when you’re using PowerPoint Designer, you may have to enable it. Whenever mentioned, click “Turn on” or “Let’s go” from the PowerPoint Designer starting window.
  3. Once enabled, it will consequently populate the sheet on the privilege dependent on what you go into the current slide. In case you’re on the title side, you may see proposed pictures and deck styles. On a slide inside the deck, you may see ideas for approaches to show bulleted records, courses of events, and SmartArt, for example.

How to use PowerPoint Designer to create professionally designed slideshow presentations

Look through the ideas and click on the ones you need to use.

On the off chance that you adjust your view, click an alternate idea, or press CTRL + Z on the keyboard to restore your unique slide.

Remember that PowerPoint Designer requires a network connection with work. If the element is inaccessible, ensure you have a functioning association. Likewise, ensure that another person isn’t effectively altering your deck simultaneously. PowerPoint Designer only works if a single person is editing the deck.