Hertz in trouble as a customer shares her grueling experience trying to rent a car

The car rental company, Hertz is the talk of the town today, for all the wrong reasons. Hertz invited the critical eye on itself after a customer shared her exasperating and exhausting experience trying to rent a car. Kate Klonick’s detailed letter to Hertz was shared on Twitter and Twitterati isn’t happy with the way Klonick was treated. Sure enough, responses have been piling up on Twitter with users calling out the car-rental company for its rather disorganized and disorderly customer service. Are you in need of an example of how customer service shouldn’t be? Then Voila! Take notes from Hertz.


Customer Service or Customer Disservice?

What is the role and responsibility of the customer service department? Help the customers, ease up the troubles, be on spot with solutions. Sounds simple enough if the required effort is put into it. However, it seems like Hertz brilliantly failed to live up to the expected standards. Klonick’s five-page long letter to Hertz recounting her bitter experience with the company attests to this fact. Take a look at the letter Klonick shared so that you get a better picture of the situation.

As you can see in the letter, Kate Klonick is a “Gold” member despite which she had to live through the rather nightmarish experience. Her contract for $415 was not honoured by the company which put her through a series of haphazard customer service calls, half of which were disconnected or unanswered. Since the company couldn’t honour the original contract, Kate was forced to “reserve” another vehicle for a whopping $1800. Long story short, hours and hours of waiting and a series of futile calls later, the customer in question had to pay way more than what she agreed to. And let’s not forget the fact that they had a deal that was already formalized. Even after having a contract, when the customer service who is supposed to help you says, “our hands are tied,” what are we supposed to do? And the best part of this already anger-inducing story is the fact that her grievance was addressed and the amount reimbursed just after the letter began to gain attention on Twitter. Now, that is some notable accountability! And here is a snippet from Klonick’s tweet that is the cherry on top of the cake.

Talk about timely responses!

Reactions and Responses on Twitter

As soon as the letter was posted on Twitter, reactions and responses began pouring in. Twitter town was clearly not pleased with the disagreeable way in which Klonick was treated. Let us flip through a few reactions and responses.