Hidden Victims Of Hunger: Is There Anything You Can Do To Help Child Hunger?

Every day, many children die due to hunger all over the world.  And while you are reading this article, 1 in 6 children in America may not know where and when will they get their next meal. Even though the world produces enough food to feed a million people, it is unfortunate and sad that child hunger persists. According to the UN’s report on global food security and nutrition, there has been a rise in the number of people who suffer from hunger over the past three years.

 Kids who face hunger do not get enough nutrition to live a normal life. Malnutrition results in severe cognitive deficits, long term social and physical problems, and a weak immune system. Children living in poverty are also vulnerable to such health issues because of poor nutrition.  Hunger, most often, affects families with low-income; hunger and poverty go hand in hand.

Every child in this world deserves to have a bright future. So, for a child to have a chance at a good future, they need to eat hearty, healthy meals every day. Hungry kids are also more likely to fail in school. Therefore, If a child is not getting enough nutrients, they will face a variety of setbacks that can hamper their way out of poverty. A child needs to consume an adequate volume of food, and receive enough of the minerals and vitamins according to their body’s needs to grow up healthily. 

Even though the causes of child hunger are complicated, and it is a deep-rooted global issue, change is possible. A lot of organizations are working endlessly to end child hunger once and for all.

Making an impact is challenging and can be an arduous journey. So in this moment, when we feel like there is none here is a piece of good news: you can help to bring a change. 

Here are some of the easy ways you can contribute to the cause and fight to end child hunger:

Volunteer: you can volunteer and spend some time to make a difference and help feed at least one child. You can work with local food banks and pantries and avail the volunteer opportunities they provide. Some of these volunteer programs are also kid-friendly. 

Help To Organize A Community Food Drive: you can go to different schools and work with the children there to start a food drive. Food drives are also great for businesses. And the children will get to experience the good feeling of giving back and will be inspired to help. Food drives are beneficial for business and are great for organizations to bring a change in this tough fight against child hunger. But before you donate food to any food bank, you should make sure the food is healthy and good for kids.  

Donate To No Kid Hungry: No kid hungry is a national campaign that is trying to solve childhood hunger in the US and all over the world. They provide summer meals, school breakfast, afterschool meals, and food skills education. No kid hungry has partnered with Church’s Chicken and raised around $700,000 which roughly equates to 7 million meals for children.

Your donation can help feed a hungry kid. Every $50 you donate will be used to provide 500 meals for a child affected by hunger.