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AMD’s new GPU might give competition to NVIDIA RTX 3080

NVIDIA recently announced its new series of GPU’s the RTX 3080, RTX 3090 and RTX 3070. These new graphics are a significant upgrade over the last generation of NVIDIA GPU’s but not a hefty price bump. But before you jump right into getting one for your gaming PC wait for AMD’s new GPU’s which might undercut NVIDIA.

Why should you wait for AMD’s new GPU?

AMD's new GPU

Image Source : AMD

Slowly but steadily AMD has closed the gap between it’s CPUs and Intel’s. Similarly, it has come a long way with its GPU’s too. Though NVIDIA has always managed to stay a step ahead of AMD, it still takes one major upgrade to cross the competition.

AMD powered consoles like the PS5 and Xbox often have cut down version of their original GPU’s. This is done to enhance the portability and cooling of compact consoles. So judging the actual power of AMD’s new GPU from the consoles is not fair.

AMD has already said they are working on GPU’s that are going to be powerful. They will give a tough competition to NVIDIA high-end GPU’s. It might even come close or beat the RTX 3080 at the same price or a little lower. So, it’s best to wait for AMD to launch their GPU lineup before making a buying decision.

How can you be the winner all the time?

Image Source : NDTVgadgets360

According to NVIDIA, the RTX 3070 is a minor upgrade over the RTX 2070, but the RTX3080 is almost twice as powerful to its predecessor. It is considering all that there is a massive option for AMD to come near to RTX3080 somewhat or even overpower it at a lower cost.

If AMD does that it will be a much better choice to NVIDIA. But, now NVIDIA can launch something that might undercut AMD and take away the market that is lost. The pricing of the new graphics might be much cheaper compared to now. Anyways the main point is that buyers are the winner here.

Having an intense competition between two major GPU companies, users get the benefit of great pricing, performance and significant upgrades in every new generation.

GPU’s have come a long way. And the main reason is the competition in the market and the will of companies to sustain. Were you considering the option to buy a new NVIDIA RTX card? Then maybe waiting for a little might be a good option. If you found our content informative do like and share with your friends, and any feedback will be appreciated in the comments below.

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