Mark Zuckerberg

Hilarious Memes Spring Up Following Zuckerberg’s July 4th Video.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has set flame to a meme fest on Twitter after he posted a video of him on Instagram. The video that soon became the talk of the Twitter town featured a sporty-looking Zuckerberg holding the flag while surfing effortlessly on an electric surfboard. Perhaps the man was aiming to strike the patriotic nerve of people. However, it ended up striking the witty nerve. Here is the video.

Video Credit: YouTube

Although it took a moment for people to process the video, astonishment soon turned to sarcastic and funny jibes. Without further delay, the chain reaction of memes began.

Happy July 4th!

Perhaps Zuckerberg really wanted to do something unique and special on July 4th. However, he seems to have forgotten that if not enough brain cells are involved in planning unique fetas, it can turn from unique to eccentric and odd in no time. Or perhaps eccentricity is a jewel on the crown of geniuses. Who knows? All we know is that the video struck people’s funny bone and it blasted open a reservoir of sarcasm and humor. Soon enough “Zuck” was trending on Twitter with the funniest of memes.

While many people were confused about whether the billionaire had forgotten the difference between what is odd and what is not, others were absolutely convinced that it was a failed attempt at trying to act normal and human. The conspiracy theories never leave Zuckerberg no matter what. Although the video did not seem inhuman, it might have touched the neighborhood of insane. Though it cannot be denied that there was a certain grace with which he carried out the feat.

The Meme Fest

Zuckerberg has proved on more occasions than one that he has some meme-worthy tricks down his sleeve. And the surfing video definitely seems like a testimony to that. Some actions really make one think if the alien conspiracies are true after all. Or is that hard to act normal with so much brilliance stored in the brain. Again the answers to those questions come in all sizes and shapes. While a good majority of the netizens were busy trolling the billionaire, some others went to defend the Facebook CEO, applauding and admiring his commendable and different effort to celebrate independence day. In all honesty, it is independence day after all. People must be free to do anything they feel like without being judged for that. Even if it is a bit eccentric.

Whether admirable or laughable, Twitterati took the case into its own hands, and soon the memes started surfing through the social media platform as effortlessly as Zuckerberg did in the video. Here are the best of the reactions and responses from Twitter that added a funny twist to July 4th.

In his defense, he is trying at least. Efforts matter after all!

Memes really take creativity and imagination.

It cannot get funnier than this (but no, it can.)

While some others have a slightly different opinion on how Zuckerberg must celebrate July 4th.

Since facts matter, it will be wise to remind ourselves that the man earned the money himself.

Weirdness is an art after all. And Zuckerberg is a master artist.

Is this where we shake our heads vigorously because we cannot contain laughter?

Nobody would have thought one small video could hide so much meme potential within. The world (or let’s say, Zuckerberg never fails to surprise humankind)