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This Man Hacked Into Indigo’s Website to Retrieve his Lost Luggage
Nandan Kumar, a software engineer, decided to take matters into his own hands after not receiving help from Indigo.

The human race as a collective has achieved so much. But one thing that we are consistently subpar at is keeping luggage safe during an air travel. If you’re an experienced traveller, I’m sure it has happened to you. Airport staff accidentally putting your suitcase on to a different flight. It’s a huge and unnecessarily slow process to get your lost suitcases back if its lost. Speaking to the airline’s customer service, them communicating with the airports; it’s an ordeal.

This is why Mr. Nandan Kumar, a software engineer who was travelling to Mumbai from Patna decided to take charge of the situation on his own after failing to receive any assistance from Indigo’s crew. Mr. Kumar’s suitcases got mixed up with someone else’s suitcases from the same airplane.

Nandan Kumar by The Quint

He ended up hacking into their website and noting down the information of the other passenger of the flight whose suitcases got switched with his.

Apparently, the customer service did try to connect Mr. Kumar with the other passenger but the man never picked up the airline’s calls. These claims were swiftly thwarted when Mr. Kumar asked the man if Indigo tried contacting him and he said that he had received no calls from them.

He also said once he got access to the developer controls, he was able to access the flight’s information quite easily.

Once he got his information, he closed the site and immediately contacted the man. Fortunately for the both of them, they lived in close proximity to each other and they were able to meet and return each other suitcases.

Mr. Kumar narrated this entire story on his twitter and it has since gone viral in the country. With over 6,000 likes, perhaps, Indigo would consider improving their customer services and being more proactive.

Mr. Kumar ended his tweet by recommending three ways that would improve the Indigo experience by leaps and bounds

  • To improve their interactive voice responses and make it easier and more direct
  • To make their customer care more proactive, rather than being reactive
  • To make their website more secure.

For a company that makes thousands of crores on an annual basis, a random customer visiting their site and leaving with supposedly secure and important information is a massive red flag. Mr. Kumar stated that sensitive data can easily be leaked or stolen and their website should be revamped as soon as possible.