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How an Email Verifier Can Improve Your Email Hygiene


If you have decided to start using an email verifier to improve your email marketing reports, you’re on the right path. Such a system will remove bad email addresses from your email list and support your email deliverability.

An email verifier eliminates invalid email addresses, spam traps, catch-all, disposable, and role-based and abuse emails from your list. All these emails are risky and it’s best to get rid of them to preserve your sending reputation.

A spam trap is an email address that is used to expose illegal senders who tend to invade the privacy of people without their permission. The spam trap not only exposes the people who are invaders but also determines the loopholes in the email management system when the authorities aren’t paying enough attention to exercise proper email controls.

These emails can easily end up on public lists and thus cause many negative things to happen. For example, a hard bounce is delivered by your service provider and you are given the opportunity to mark it as a spam. The “from domain” list is blacklisted by the ISP’s. Either you choose to open, click, or convert, all these ways are going to prove bad for you because they might send some of the emails automatically to the spam list.

As a consequence, you will be blacklisted. Now, if you are looking for the solution, look for an email verifier.

The Benefits of Using an E-mail Verifier

An email verifier scans your email list and filters out unwanted addresses. It deploys multilayer testing and complex algorithms to identify troublesome email addresses. Here is what an email verifier can do for you:

  1. Identification of the invalid email formats
  2. Locate and correct misspelled emails
  3. Accurate status of every single email domain
  4. Determining if the email will bounce or not
  5. Reporting whether the email is active or dormant

How to Choose a Dependable Email Verifier

It all depends on what you’re looking for, but most marketers look for great quality at an affordable price. It’s always good to read a few reviews of the email verifier you’re planning to use. Also, check the services it offers and how they can help you improve your email hygiene. Last, but not least, it’s crucial for your email verifier to respect data privacy and be GDPR compliant.

Why Email Hygiene Matters

More and more email marketers have become aware of their email hygiene. They understand that a clean email list is one of the most important business assets. Hence, they are taking all the necessary steps in preserving the quality of their email list.

Your email hygiene determines how many of your customers will receive your blasts. If you have a high bounce rate, your Email Service Provider will start giving you a warning. That’s when you know you have to use an email verifier and clean your list.

If you try to use the same messy list again, you may be blacklisted and your email marketing program will be paused until you can get your email list back in shape. Once you find a good email verifier and let it take care of your database, your sending reputation will improve and your deliverability will be at its highest ever.

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