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How COVID may have changed your life’s goals

COVID-19 has been nothing but chaos. The economic, societal and health impacts are yet to be fully understood and have put everyone in a position in life they never thought they would be in. The prospect of not being able to leave the city you have been stuck in for the foreseeable future seems inhumane in the modern day. Global travel was water off a duck back, but it has now been returned to how life was in the hundreds of years before today. With all of that in mind, COVID-19 has forced people all over the world to rethink their goals and dreams. In this article we analyse four situations that may have been altered because of this global pandemic.

Year Away

2020 was not the year to take a gap year. Take a moment to reflect on those high school students who graduated in 2019, those adults who had been waiting for that year off from their career or anyone who planned an extensive year away from their home country. Potentially you are one of the many whose plans to study abroad were thwarted by the pandemic. As seen in Australia, the economy has taken a massive hit because of the fewer international students. These issues are prevalent across the world and one facet of life that has potentially been changed forever.


Were you planning on a career change? Or maybe you wanted to return to university full time with the hope of changing paths. Are those plans still rusted on? The uncertain economic situation and dire job market make changing careers and jobs a slight risk. Especially in Australia, having a job is more important than anything else now. Maybe the pandemic has given people a chance to reflect on what they want to do in life and realise that all the negatives they saw in their life prior to the pandemic, were not as bad after all. Who knows? Just a thought.

Buying a house

Have you taken a financial hit because of COVID-19? Maybe it is in the form of a pay cut, or redundancy. Either way, buying a house is probably a lot more unlikely than before. It is a shame for many potentials first home buyers, who will now have to wait even longer to find their dream home. Banks like Newcastle Permanent have been on the front foot as a result. Ensuring your bank has your back in vital in these situations.


COVID-19 is ravaging economies, communities, societies, and healthcare systems. But, maybe the biggest of all – it is ravaging life goals and dreams. It is important to maintain faith and hope in such a tough period. If you are suffering financial strain, contact your bank. Newcastle Permanent is one bank offering support programs. Stay strong and adjust the life goals to fit as you see fit.



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