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How do free online roulette games work?

Roulette is a hugely popular casino game but you might be surprised to see that there are some options for playing online roulette games for free. 

There are more than 4 roulette games, with different variations, that you can play for free online. Still, is it really free and how does it actually work?

Photo by Adi Coco on Unsplash

Photo by Adi Coco on Unsplash

Playing Demo Games with Dummy Cash

As with video game demos, giving a roulette game a try for free can help you to understand it better. Not all online versions of roulette offer the chance to play demo games, but some of them do. This is simply a way of playing with dummy cash, so you’ll normally be given a large balance to play with. This means that there’s absolutely no risk of losing your own money.

Of course, the downside of this is that you can’t win real money either. No matter what happens in these games, you won’t win or lose anything at all. So it’s a way of playing that suits someone just looking to practice the game or play for fun.

This makes it suitable for beginners who want to see how they get on and try a few different types of bets or strategies. However, it can also be a good idea for someone who already understands roulette but just wants to play for a while without using their own money.

You might need to sign up for an online casino to play their demo games, although some sites let you do this without joining them. Either way, go into the roulette or table games category from the lobby and hover over a game to see if demo play is available on it.

Free Games Using Bonus Funds

The other popular way of playing roulette for free is by using bonus funds to wager on roulette. This is typically done by accepting a bonus or some other type of promotion from the casino and playing with it.

In this case, the big difference from demo play is that you can win real money. However, you need to be aware of the terms & conditions of the offer. For example, the bonus funds from casino promotions sometimes can’t be used on roulette, or you may need to play through your winnings a lot of times before you can withdraw them.

The terms might also mention that you can only use the bonus funds on certain games or that there’s a time period in which you need to use them before they expire. This is why it’s important to read all of the details before proceeding.

Bonus funds are often provided to new players signing up and making their first deposit, so it’s a good way of getting started with more money in your account. Other promotions could reward you for continuing to play at a casino and making further deposits.

If you’re planning to play live dealer roulette using live-streaming technology, the bonus offers are generally different from those that apply to computer-generated roulette games. If you’re playing in a casino that offers both types of games, you should check whether they have a live dealer bonus or if the standard bonus applies to these games.

Why Should You Play for Free?

As we’ve seen, there are a couple of different ways of playing roulette for free that you should be interested in. If you’re getting to grips with online casino games for the first time, either of these methods gives you a way of getting started comfortably as you learn the basics.

It means that you can simply start playing rather than reading tutorials or watching videos on how to play roulette if you prefer. It’s a simple game and a few spins should be all you need to get used to the rules and gameplay.

This can also be a good way of being able to play when you don’t have any spare funds to wager. When this happens, looking for free ways of playing can help you to enjoy the classic table game without any worries.

You should always be sure to play on highly-rated online casinos with a good selection of different roulette titles. This means looking for one that uses professional developers and has different versions like those that use American and European wheels. 

The addition of live roulette titles makes any casino more attractive, as this gives you the option of playing in a live casino setting with a human dealer spinning the wheel. Be sure to check the table limits before you start, so that you know whether it suits you to carry on playing there with real money in the future.

By playing free roulette games, you get to enjoy the pleasure of this simple game without any hassle. If you enjoy it then you can decide when to move on to using real cash. On the other hand, if you decide to try another type of game you can choose from the likes of blackjack, slots, baccarat and video poker next. 



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