How Ringless Voicemail Marketing Can Boost Your Startup

Every entrepreneur dreams to expand their business operations and compete with larger organizations to become an authority in their niche. However, in order to do so, you first need to expand your consumer base and boost sales. 

Today, businesses have lots of effective options to market to consumers. One prime example is telemarketing. This form of marketing allows your business to make a personal connection with your customers to increase sales and ultimately boost your startup.

However, the cost of personally reaching out to each customer tends to limit most small businesses and startups. Other than being costly, phone calls are also time-consuming. 

Oftentimes, small businesses aren’t properly staffed or most of their sales representatives handle a high volume of calls, most of which don’t even reach their customers. And even if they did, most calls result in disappointed and disgruntled customers, which can result in burnout within your sales team.

So, what do you do? Enter ringless voicemail marketing!

Understanding Ringless Voicemail

Also referred to as a voicemail drop, a ringless voicemail is exactly how it sounds. This technology allows you to drop a voicemail into a customer’s inbox without the phone ringing. Stratics Networks invented this technology over a decade ago. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that the ringless voicemail technology was adapted by businesses and became popular. 

Today, you can find numerous service providers like Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail and others that can help you efficiently deliver your message to your consumers with minimal effort.

Benefits Of Using Ringless Voicemail Marketing For Your Business

If you haven’t implemented a ringless voicemail to your marketing strategy yet, then you’re missing on several benefits. The following are the numerous advantages of using ringless voicemail marketing for your business:

  1. Targets A Large Audience

Ringless voicemail allows you to automatically broadcast your message to a wide audience in no time. Instead of waiting for an answer before you can call the next customer, ringless voicemail software will dispatch your message to a list of customers without manual intervention by your agents.

This allows your sales rep to contact a larger audience with minimal time. The more total customers you reach out to, the more potential leads and sales you can generate.

  1. Get Higher Rate Of Returned Calls With Quality Leads

The fact that your target audience can open the message whenever they’re ready means they’re likely to listen to all your messages instead of opening just for the sake of it. As such, you can be certain that most customers who receive your message will internalize what you wish to say. And if your message is structured properly, you can expect a higher rate of return calls.

Plus, unlike waiting around for a customer to answer your calls only to tell you they’re not interested in your products, a ringless voicemail simply drops your message to your customers’ voicemail. So, when someone calls back, your sales reps will know that they have an interesting lead on the line. This allows them to focus more on the customers who respond to the message. 

With that said, when a customer returns your call, you need to be available always to further nurture this quality lead. Whether you’re having lunch or you’re doing fieldwork, don’t lose a customer by being unreachable.

You can utilize smart solutions through a power-dialer. In general, a dialing software helps streamline your telephone operations, allowing your business to maximize its sales capabilities without office restriction.

This software allows you to contact interested leads via desk or landline phones as well as your mobile phone. It allows you to make and receive customer calls from your phone or anywhere else while you’re on the go.

  1. Ensure Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing means individualizing your marketing efforts with customized messaging through calling customers by name. There are numerous benefits to personalizing your marketing efforts.

Here are some stats you should know of:

  • 80% of consumers are more likely to do business from a brand that offers a personalized experience.
  • 70% of customers engage with a brand that has personalized messaging.
  • 60% of customers will stop buying from businesses that use poor personalization tactics. 

Ringless voicemail is an innovative way to help you personalize your marketing. Since this technology directly drops a message to a person’s voicemail box, it becomes more personal than social media and emails. Customers get the notifications directly on their phones like a text message.

In addition, as you record audio messages, you can also direct your message to a social group to which a customer belongs for a more personalized marketing strategy.

Furthermore, new technologies like data science are now making it possible for marketers to customize their ringless voicemail notifications with the receiver’s name by using name groups in order to send messages to several customers.

  1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

No customer wants to do business with a company that treats them poorly. And how a customer feels after interacting with your business can have a huge impact on their future purchase decisions.

Good communication can keep your customers happy and satisfied. A poor interaction, on the other hand, can cause a customer to stop doing business with your company again. This is why businesses are now prioritizing customer experience in their contact centers. 

Adapting ringless voicemail to your marketing efforts can help increase customer satisfaction in two ways:

  • Avoid Being Salesy

There are unsatisfied consumers who complain about sales reps being too pushy. Sure, persistence is a part of being a salesperson. However, there’s an obvious difference between consistently adding value with each check-in and stubbornly pursuing prospects who already told you they’re not interested.

With ringless voicemails, you can take the live human variable out of the equation. This way, you’ll get a marketing message delivering pertinent details without coming across as desperate or pushy, which brings a positive interaction experience.

Listening to a voicemail drop allows consumers to truly take in your message without being concerned about a sales reps pushing them to make a purchase. Helping them relax and eliminating the pressure, you can give your leads a better chance to consider the pros of purchasing your products or services.

  • Avoid Bad Timing

Traditional telemarketing strategy is generally ineffective due to the high levels of interruption it creates for the customers. Issues such as disruption of important meetings, wrong timing, and being a distraction during the day can cause dissatisfaction from your customers. 

To give you a better idea, imagine that you’ve just had an argument with your spouse. Hot-headed and lacking composure, your phone rings. Even if you answer the call or send it straight to voicemail, you’ll probably be so irritated and furious by the interruption, even more so if it’s something unimportant at the moment.

Regardless of what the sales rep on the other end of the line is offering, you probably already formed a negative opinion. Some rude people even take the call just to release their anger to the poor agent.

Scenarios like this can harm not only your marketing efforts but your overall brand reputation. However, you can avoid that with ringless voicemail marketing. Voicemail drops allow you to steer clear of the bad timing trap. You can reach your customers in a less interruptive way since they’ll only hear your voicemail once they open their voicemail box. 

This makes it an effective marketing without the risk of disturbing or annoying your customers. 

  • Eliminate Errors

Mistakes happen. And even the best sales rep will occasionally mess up such as incorrectly pronouncing a customer’s name, saying the wrong information, or inaccurately quoting details about a sale.

Some customers will be understandable while others don’t. Despite the fact that it’s human nature to make mistakes, consumers can be vicious about trying to hold you accountable for any mistakes made in their favor. Plus, erroneous messaging sounds unprofessional and degrades consumer confidence and satisfaction.

However, using ringless voicemail technology allows you to steer clear of mundane mistakes and ensure that every customer receives accurate information.

  1. Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity

Your sales team’s productivity is one of the most important things to nurture for your business’s growth. With traditional telemarketing, your sales team is prone to higher stress and burnout rate. Even the most patient salesperson isn’t immune to the ego-shattering effects of endless rejection.

Whether they have to wait for the endless ringing, been told ‘no’ dozens of times in a row, hung up on before they can tell the purpose of the call, or even cursed at, rejection can lead to burnout.

Oftentimes, this reduces job satisfaction and a drop in their performance, which has a negative impact on the business’s bottom line. Although there are several ways to boost employee satisfaction and productivity, switching to ringless voicemail marketing is a good long-term option.

Implementing this technology can help save your sales team from being berated and treated negatively by uninterested parties. It prevents your sales reps from wasting their time in waiting for someone to answer their call as well as avoiding the negative sales call experiences.

In addition, ringless voicemail marketing can help you effectively target your audience and allow your agents to interact with customers once they respond to your messages. This enhances your sales reps’ productivity by giving them more time to focus more on valuable core activities instead of waiting around for a customer to answer a call.

  1. Get Actionable Insights

With traditional telemarketing like cold calling, it’s impossible to keep track of your failures and success. With a reliable ringless voicemail marketing software, you can get live data and statistics that you can analyze and use to improve your marketing efforts. 

It allows for accurate metrics about every ringless voicemail marketing campaign, so you can get access to detailed information on what works and what doesn’t. This, in turn, helps you make informed decisions for tweaking your next strategies to gain better results. 

Increase productivity concept. Businessman is pulling up progress bar with the word PRODUCTIVITY on dark tone background.

A Note On The Legality Of Ringless Voicemails

All this talk of sneaking a message to your customer’s voicemail without consent may seem like a privacy violation and you might be questioning its legality. To make matters worse, some businesses even take advantage of this software to spam their customers’ voicemail boxes with irritating and repetitive messages.

With that said, which side of the law does a ringless voicemail marketing stand?

Technically, there are no laws preventing a marketer from using ringless voicemail marketing. However, laws and regulations come into play when discussing the general use of this technology. This means that a customer can sue you on grounds of how you used the technology rather than the fact that you use ringless voicemail to market and promote your products. 

Here are some of the rules that marketers should comply with when implementing ringless voicemail to your marketing strategy:

  • People included in the ‘Do Not Call Registry’ national database shouldn’t be included in your contact list.
  • Ringless voicemail is often treated under the same terms and conditions as a regular phone call. So, make sure to check your state-level and local regulations to determine what’s allowed within ringless voicemails.
  • Like email, you need to give your customers the choice to opt out of your voicemail messages.


It’s impressive how far telemarketing technology has gotten from times when sales reps randomly dialed customers to deliver annoying scripts. Today, technology like ringless voicemail marketing has lifted the burden off businesses, especially startups and small businesses, by helping them create more meaningful and pleasant communication with customers. This, in turn, opens more opportunities for sales and profit.

Ringless voicemail marketing is truly a powerful method for delivering your messages and offerings to customers without being intrusive. It’s cost-efficient and far more effective than traditional telemarketing, allowing you to increase your lead generation efforts and boost sales and profits, which ultimately help your business grow and flourish. This innovation would make your startup stand out in the market and be the authority in your niche, so make sure to incorporate this in your operations.