How SMS Marketing Can Help Businesses

With technology evolving each day, businesses need to keep up in order to stay afloat. Reaching out to customers has become easier than ever with new technology, especially thanks to SMS marketing. But what is SMS marketing? And how can it benefit your businesses, both big and small? 

The Basics of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the act of advertising through text instead of traditional methods (like email, online ads, or TV commercials). Consumers will sign up to receive these text messages so a business can directly inform them of sales, new products, or review purchased products. And if the customer no longer wishes to receive these texts, they can usually opt-out within the text conversation.

SMS marketing is not limited to any particular product or business. Whether you are selling stickers on Etsy or selling cars in a dealership, how you advertise is important. You have to make sure it reaches your customers in a timely and precise manner. 

More and more businesses are opting in on SMS messaging due to its widespread use in our modern age. Here are a few key ways any company could benefit from this marketing method.

The Benefits of Marketing Through Text Messages

One of the greatest benefits of SMS marketing is how convenient it is for the business and the customer. Texting your customers directly about new deals and products helps them minimize the hassle of searching for all this information online. They will receive all your important updates in an instant. And you can even make these text messages carry exclusive deals that aren’t offered anywhere else.

People often carry their phones everywhere. While many of us don’t have time for calls, we read 90% of our messages in under three minutes.

Why Not Just Use Email Instead of Texting?

On the surface, there may not seem to be a lot of differences when it comes to emailing your customers vs. texting, but messaging does offer a few crucial advantages.

SMS marketing is ideal because your messages won’t get lost in the spam folder. Many businesses allow customers to sign up for an email list, but sometimes emails will falsely flag your advertisements as spam. This begins to cut your customers off from your business. If too many emails go unread, it could cause you to lose potential sales.

On top of this, more and more people prefer texting over any other form of communication. It’s essential to stay up to date on what the consumer wants most. So if they prefer texts, it’s best to switch over as well.

What Else Can You Send to Your Consumers?

You don’t have to limit your messages to just advertisements. After a customer has already made a purchase, you can follow up with them for a review of said product. Good reviews can help boost your sales and build trust in your customers. 

Sending these review reminders through text will make it even easier for the customer to uplift your products! It will also allow for optimal growth in revising and mending any problems with your products. Getting reviews in as quickly as possible means fixing problems quickly as well!

Here’s Where to Start

One of the biggest reasons companies are hesitant to start SMS marketing is because they don’t know where to begin. But don’t let your business fall behind. With websites and services such as Appointable, you get started with setting up your SMS marketing in minutes.

For example, if you own a car dealership, head over to to see how Appointible can help you develop a killer SMS marketing strategy!