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How to Access BLOKTOPIA Metaverse?
Easy Steps to Access BLOKTOPIA Metaverse

What is BLOKTOPIA Metaverse? 

The BLOKTOPIA Metaverse is a multi-level metaverse based on the Polygon network and developed in the Unity Engine and is one of the most extensive Metaverses. The platform backs up the Virtual Reality experience for its users, giving them an immersive episode into the cryptocurrency environ. The platform aims at bringing all crypto investors and miners under one roof and build one strong community of crypto players.

The blockchain network is built on 21 levels, paying homage to the 21 million Bitcoins in the market. The BLOKTOPIA Metaverse is not just  an entertainment and trading platform for its users, it also facilitates crypto and NFT education, keeping its users informed and educated.

1, 6, and 21 are some of the skyscraper’s important levels.

BLOKTOPIA’s main hub is Level 1, which has a help desk, a navigation desk, a schedule of the day’s forthcoming events, and all the most recent data on bitcoin pricing.

BLOKTOPIA’s auditorium is located on Level 6, where it will host immersive and interactive video presentations with influential figures from the cryptocurrency industry.

BLOKTOPIA’s 21st story will be a luxurious penthouse room reserved only for gaming. The penthouse will allow BLOKTOPIANS to fight for BLOK in a variety of activities, including well-known multiplayer games, entertaining family-friendly games, and 18+ games like poker and gambling.

The official currency of BLOKTOPIA Metaverse is called $BLOK and as of now, the cost of 1000 BLOK is about $3.15. The purchase of virtual Real Estates will also be possible using this native token. The advantages of the many concepts in the BLOKTOPIAN ecosystem are available to holders of $Blok. Based on their knowledge, users can select a level to begin with and then move their way to the top.


There are so many metaverse available in the open market that it makes you wonder why should one choose BLOKTOPIA? What does BLOKTOPIA have that other metaverses don’t? The answer to this is pretty simple.

BLOKTOPIA offers its users a four tier structure, i.e., Learn, Earn, Play and Create, in that chronological order for that purpose.

The learning component of BLOKTOPIA is majorly focused as educating and informing people about blockchain networks, cryptocurrencies: the good, the bad and the worst, and NFT. You can of course get this education from other platforms available on the internet but they might not be as authentic and first hand as on BLOKTOPIA.

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BLOKTOPIANS, the citizens of BLOKTOPIA, have countless earning opportunities. The metaverse provides them options to trade crypto and NFTs, sell and purchase real estate, as well as earn money by playing several metaverse games.

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While playing games, players can do several things such as socialize with other people, hangout with them, complete missions together in co-op mode. The BLOKTOPIA community offers first hand  virtual reality experience to its users. You can play games either to relax or to compete, BLOKTOPIA offers you both. And while playing, you get to earn $BLOK. Just like all the other metaverses, the more you play, the more you earn.

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The final tier in this four tier structure is the ability to create. If you are a digital artist, the BLOKTOPIA Metaverse is a huge boon for you. You can not just create the basic NFTs, but also digital scenes, artworks, gifs, etc. and participate in several art challenges organized by the metaverse itself. Not only that, if you are an active member in the community, you get adequately rewarded for your contributions to the community. Furthermore, if you are an SDK developer, there’s a little surprise in BLCKTOPIA for you as well. You can use your SDK skills to create games and applications and transmit them to a larger audience out there. In that way, the BLCKTOPIA metaverse is different from all the other metaverses out there.

Credits: BLOKTOPIA Website


How To Access the BLOKTOPIA Metaverse?

The BLOKTOPIA Metaverse is still in its early phase of testing and is only available for early access, the registrations for which have been closed as of now. However, you can still buy land in BLOKTOPIA which guarantees you a 10% APY for life, as per the website. The land sale is live now and accessing it is very simple. You just need to follow these basic steps:


Step 1: Open your web browser and type in the address bar and hit enter.

Step 2: On the BLOKTOPIA home page, you will see the advertisement for “Exodus NFT Sale Now Live”. Click on the ‘Now Live’ Button and wait for it to load.

(Note: You can skip Step 1 and Step 2 and directly visit the land sale by clicking on this link)

Step 3: Select a level you wish to purchase your land in. Currently, lands are available in level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and are fast selling. Level 5 is already completely booked. However, BLOKTOPIA is releasing a huge chunk of land in the near future that the players can buy in upper levels as well.

Step 4: Select the piece of land you want to buy.

(Note: You can use the zoom in and zoom out buttons to toggle better visibility and choose the land that best deems you fit.)

Step 5: A little dialog box will appear on your screen telling you all the details about the land you are interested in. It will contain a little description of the land piece, its price, its token id, contact address, creator, current owner and which network it is based on. Most land pieces are based on the Polygon network.)

Step 5
Credits: BLOKTOPIA Website

Step 6: Once you’ve verified all details, click the Buy NFT button and wait for it to redirect you to the payment page.

(Note: Before clicking the Buy NFT button, make sure you have a crypto wallet connected to the BLOKTOPIA metaverse. Currently, it supports three crypto currency wallets: Metamask, Wallet Connect and Trust Wallet. You also need to make sure that your wallet has enough balance or the transaction will not go through.)

Step 7: Verify the payment details and upon successful verification, you will be a proud owner of the BLOKTOPIAN land.

How Long Do I Need To Wait For The BLOKTOPIAN metaverse for open access?


The metaverse is still in development phase and it can be a while till it becomes fully functional. As of now, you can access it in bits and pieces only, as a decentralized server. However, the team behind BLOKTOPIA is on an endless purge to sign and bring multiple brands and partners onto the platform. Recently, GEMS, an eSports 3.0 aggregator was brought on to the BLOKTOPIAN platform which attracted the attention of a lot of eSport players from all around the world. BLOKTOIA makes a good case for itself, but how it really pans out is very difficult to assess currently. It will only be upon open access that we’ll be able to identify how good or the platform really is. The $BLOK currency however is performing substantially well in the open crypto market with regular ups and downs every now and then.

Have you used the BLOKTOPIA metaverse? If you haven’t already, do check it out at; you are in for a surprise. Once you access it, come back to this section right here and do let us know what you think of BLOKTOPIA in the comments box!