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How to access digilocker documents on whatsapp

Mygov on Monday happily reported that Indian residents can now profit from Mygov help work area on WhatsApp to get the Digilocker administration.
This is a leader drive purchase computerized India program.

Digilocker can now be accessed on WhatsApp; check details here -  BusinessToday

Source: Business Today

The digilocker was presented fully intent on fortifying computerized admittance in the country. the application gives bona fide archives in computerized design. it resembles a wallet yet for your records. During the pandemic, the given archives in digilocker were promptly acknowledged wherever very much like actual unique ones.
the official statement States that Indians would now have the option to utilize digilocker administrations on the mygov helpdesk through WhatsApp. this is a significant occasion to advance computerized consideration and effective administration.
“This incorporates making and approving their Digilocker account, as well as downloading papers like as their PAN card, driving permit, and vehicle enlistment testament, all over WhatsApp.” According to the report, MyGov Helpdesk on WhatsApp is a critical stage toward putting administration and taxpayer-supported organizations at the fingertips of residents.
With new highlights like Digilocker, the MyGov chatbot on WhatsApp means to make an exhaustive regulatory emotionally supportive network for occupants to get to carefully comprehensive assets and significant administrations.

Archives, for example, PAN card, driving permit, CBSE class tenth passing declaration, class twelfth mark sheet, and protection records will be in every way accessible on digilocker.

To initiate the help residents will utilize WhatsApp number + 91 9013151515. they will send namaste Hi or digilocker to the number.
“Offering Digilocker administrations through the MyGov Helpdesk is a characteristic move and a stage toward offering residents with more straightforward admittance to significant administrations through WhatsApp’s basic and open stage.” With almost 100 million individuals previously enrolled on Digilocker and 5 billion reports given to date, we are certain that the WhatsApp administration will carefully engage millions by permitting them to get to credible records and data straightforwardly from their telephones,” MyGov CEO Abhishek Singh said.
“By furnishing the MyGov Helpdesk with Digilocker administrations that can be gotten to straightforwardly using WhatsApp, we need to open innovation’s capability to broaden the advantages of fundamental administrations to residents at scale, and this is a critical stage forward,” said Shivnath Thukral, WhatsApp’s Director – Public Policy.



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