Star Atlas
Credits: Star Atlas Website

What is Star Atlas?

Star Atlas is a metaverse developed by Automata which is based on the Solana blockchain network. The metaverse offers a multiplayer gaming experience for its players along the lines of a space-based theme. The multiplayer aspect of the  Star Atlas metaverse works both ways, that is, players can play either with each other, teaming up and completing missions or they can also compete against each other for several rewards.

The metaverse, released earlier in 2022, is set in the year 2620 and has been created using Unreal Engine 5, one of the most popular 3D Creation Engines. However, its first token generation was launched way back in August 2021. Spacefaring players strive to acquire territory and defeat rivals in the strategy based metaverse, which bills itself as a “World vast beyond imagining.” The visuals of the metaverse appear intriguing and captivating. Look for yourself in the video below.

The marketplace of this metaverse is divided into 5 major categories namely, Ships, Structures, Resources, Collectibles and Access. Each NFT in the marketplace is further divided into 5 sub-categories depending upon its rarity, i.e., Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Anomaly, in this order of hierarchy. Common items are usually cheap and  can be easily found. All the items listed on the marketplace are in-game props and  help players have a smooth gameplay experience.

You can purchase a ship and utilize it for missions, lay claim to property all throughout the Star Atlas metaverse, and begin mining. You will be able to make claims to territory, increase the wealth of your Faction, build trade routes, and finish objectives.

The Star Atlas Currency

Unlike several other metaverses, the Star Atlas Currency system is rather unique. Star Atlas follows a dual currency system. The currency tokens are called POLIS and ATLAS and are used to operate throughout the metaverse economy.

ATLAS is the token that the players can use to make their purchases through the marketplace. In a way, this token manages the economy of the Star Atlas metaverse. The more ATLAS a player holds, the more prosperous they will be in the game. As of now, ATLAS holds a market cap of about 20 million dollars.

POLIS is more of a governance token and has minimal effect on the game economy. However, whomsoever holds a POLIS token can participate in crucial economic decisions about the game’s economy and in a way, control it indirectly. Currently, the market cap of of POLIS is about 14 million dollars. ‘

You can earn ATLAS and POLIS tokens during your gameplay but if you want, these currencies are also available on the open market for trading. The price of ATLAS as on 17th July 2022 is $0.008336 whereas the price of POLIS is $0.03474.


How to Access Star Atlas?

Before you begin accessing Star Atlas, you need to make sure that you have an active crypto currency wallet. In case you do not have a crypto currency wallet, make one. As of now, Star Atlas supports three wallets with full use: Phantom, Torus and Solflare and four wallets with limited use: Ledger, Math Wallet, Sollet and Sollet Extension. There is no option yet to connect your socials like Google Account, Facebook or Twitter. However, you can create an account (using your wallet) in easy steps below:

Step 1: Open the web browser on your PC or laptop and type into the address bar or click here. You will be redirected to the Star Atlas Home Page.

Step 1: How to Access Star Atlas?
Credits: Star Atlas Website

Step 2: On the top right corner of the home page, you will find the Play Now button. Click on it and wait for it to load.

(Note: You can skip Step 1 and Step 2 by directly clicking here)

Step 3: On the bottom left of the next screen, you will find an option to Connect Wallet with a + (plus) sign. Click on it and wait for it to redirect you to the wallet connection page.

Step 3: How to Access Star Atlas?
Credits: Star Atlas Website

Step 4: Select the wallet you wish to use and fill in your wallet details correctly.

Step 4: How to Access Star Atlas?
Credits: Star Atlas Website

Step 5: Once you’ve connected your wallet, you will notice a new prompt has come up to Choose Faction above the Connect Wallet option .Click on it and wait for it to redirect you to the faction selection page.

(Note: A Star Atlas faction is a small group of likewise people. Other players from the same faction will be your allies. Once you choose a faction, you cannot change it for the life of your account)

Step 6: Choose a faction from the available three options: MUD, Ustur and ONI. You can click on these factions to know more about them.

(For more information on  factions, scroll down)

Step 7: Once you’ve chosen your faction, select your desired avatar and personalize your profile. You are good to go now.


What are Star Atlas Factions?

As discussed earlier in this article, the Star Atlas metaverse has three factions, MUD, Ustur and ONI.

MUD stands for Manus Ultimus Divinum, a faction that belongs to the humankind and hence is governed by them . MUD Territory is created as the sole authorised human group in the Council of Peace under the current direction of Charon Gotti Jr. The MUD faction’s strength lies in its firepower and the ability to scout larger distances in a small amount of time. This comes in handy when you are trying to avoid an invasion on your territory or chasing down an enemy. The MUD faction is also known for its diplomatic relations with the other two factions Ustur  and ONI and its ability to negotiate a fair trade from the two.

The genesis of Ustur cybernetic sentient creatures is buried in a tangled mystery. One urban legend describes a supercomputer that runs on magnetar class neutron star energy and is powered by Dyson spheres. The implanted AI was able to progress beyond its physical location thanks to the energy throughput and then silently disconnect from the parent system. Ustur’s plus point is its hulk-like strength and the ability to maneuver any situation in their favor.

A harmonic alliance of several species makes up the ONI faction. In an effort to create a more abundant existence in space, the inhabitants of the Om sector, Segal, Akenat, and Neuno systems together put aside their differences. The Mierese, Punaab, and Photoli bonded firmly under a strategic military agreement to defend their helpless comrade when the Sogmian race nearly went extinct during the battle. A ground-breaking military weapon was created because to this agreement. A ceasefire was soon struck for the benefit of all sides, and calm quickly spread over the area before retribution began to take place and destroy the region’s life force. If you choose to join the ONI faction, you will have access to huge chunks of raw materials which can be used to negotiate your terms and conditions with other factions to ensure a fair trade in the ecosystem meanwhile ensuring a position of power as well. The strength of this faction is that they are as stealthy as a hunting panther and have the ability to scan a large distance in a very quick bit of time.

What is your favorite faction? Do let us know in the comments box. Just remember, once selected, you cannot change your faction for the connected wallet.