How to activate Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system is preloaded on the majority of high-end laptops these days. However, you may wish to install and activate Windows 10 if you’ve constructed your own PC with a graphics card and CPU, or if you’ve upgraded your machine for faster performance.

The product key can be used to reactivate the Windows 10 operating system if it was previously activated. If you activated your Windows 10 licence by attaching it to your Microsoft account, you can use the digital licence to activate it on the same device.

To activate Windows 10 using the product key or the digital licence, follow the easy procedures outlined below.

How to use a product key to activate Windows 10

  • STEP 1 – For Windows 10 installation, input your product licence key.
  • STEP 2- Go to Settings > Update and Security > Activation by pressing the Windows key.
  • STEP 3- Select the Change Product option.
  • STEP 4-Press Next after entering your product key in the pop-up window.
  • STEP 5- Press the Activate button.

How to use a digital licence to activate Windows 10

  • STEP 1- Choose the ‘I don’t have a product key’ option when starting the activation process.
  • STEP 2- Install Windows 10 and sign in with your Microsoft account.
    At this moment, Windows 10 will be enabled automatically. If you’ve made any hardware changes, go to the following step:
  • STEP 3-Press the Windows key, then select Settings > Update and Security > Activation from the drop-down menu.
  • STEP 4-Search for and choose ‘Troubleshoot’ if Windows is not enabled.
  • STEP 5- In the new window, select ‘Activate Windows’ and click Activate. Alternatively, if appropriate, choose ‘I recently changed hardware on this device.’
  • STEP 6-If you’re prompted to sign in, do so using the Microsoft account associated with your digital licence.
  • STEP 7-Select the device you’re using and check the box next to it that says, ‘This is the device I’m using right now.’
  • STEP 8 – Press the Activate button.