Credit @ Ebb Software

Scorn Delayed To 2022

Scorn was originally slated to release on Xbox Series X / S and PC this fall, but the last trailer was released almost a year ago at the time of this writing. The game was originally announced in 2014 but suffered a number of delays that resulted in the anticipated 2018 release date being delayed the game has now been shifted to a 2022 release window.

Credit @ Ebb Software

Creative director Lubomir Peklar spoke about the delay, The only thing that will make the game faster is to focus all of your efforts on development –.. No amount of updates will improve the game or release it sooner – quite the opposite –. Ebb is working hard on the game – the team is silent because they have nothing to show and the progress is evident – and Contempt is late because he is not ready yet.

In an updated Kickstarter Games page, the developers have confirmed the news surrounding the delays and stated to players they are planning to make an official announcement about the delay but it will likely arrive by 10th December. The developer also wrote in an update that he is fully focused on continuing the development of Scorns, since it opened last October, he wants to focus on that rather than getting involved in the process to make a trailer for the game. The developer has yet submitted a version update or has not officially confirmed the delay.

The latest update sheds more light on what is going on behind the scenes outside of the Scorn delay: the studio released a new Kickstarter update detailing what’s happening, why they’ve been so quiet, and why Scorn is missing its original 2021 release date it seems the studio needs more time to perfect the game or perhaps explain what the game is about. In September, we reported that Ebb Software’s next horror game, Scorn, appeared to have been shelved in an Interactives press release under Keplar’s “super developer” business model.

As reported on GameRant, the delay was not due to an announcement from the developer Ebb Software, who had disconnected from the project after sharing 14-minute footage of the nightmare game’s gameplay recorded last year on Series X. In September the Ebb Software team reported already a delay when Ebb joined a development team called Kepler. The year 2022 was mentioned in a press release on the composition of the group.

Yes, the game has been put back to 2022 and we will receive official confirmation of the postponement on 10 December. We expected to hear more as the release date approaches, but it looks like it won’t. Kepler warned in a press release that he will release Scorn in 2022 alongside Sloclaps Sifu, Awacebs Tchia, Alpha Channels Bankhead, and the unannounced AAA name. Scorn was announced for the Xbox Series X | S and PC last year, inspired by the work of HR Giger.

The end of 2021 is of course approaching, and Ebb Software had no choice but to announce the postponement to 2022. It’s just the latest in a seemingly endless string of game lags, although it’s more acceptable since it comes from a small developer. In any case, the release of Scorn will not happen until next year, and we’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the Scorn launch next year. And that seems to quietly confirm that Scorn is now targeting 2022, which was originally slated to launch in 2021.