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How to add multiple signatures, change background themes in Gmail

Gmail let’s all its user to make new as well as add on signatures. A Gmail signature can consist of your name, title, contact information, and pictures, or even links in some of the cases. If you want, you can also create multiple signatures as per your needs. Google realizes that using more than one signature can give you the freedom to use different signatures for different situations such as communicating with team members, mailing to organizations, or showcasing your products. You can also use different signatures for communicating with different languages, one can also use different default signatures for drafting different kinds of mails, replies, and a lot more like customizing background themes as per personal choices.

How to create multiple signatures in Gmail:

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  1. The first step of all to create multiple signatures in Gmail is opening Gmail.
  2. When you open Gmail, head straight to its settings section.
  3. Navigate to the tab that reads ‘General’, from the options, go to the ‘Signature’ option.
  4. When you click on the Signature option, select ‘Create New’.
  5. Enter the name which you want to use as your signature. Now Google will notice that your signature name might not be your actual name but the one you’d like to use as your signature. In case you want to work with additional signatures, one can open the signature menu in the compose action toolbar. This will allow you to switch signatures.
  6. A text box will appear in which you will have to enter your signature name.
  7. You can make use of the format bar if you want to add text colors, links, and images.
  8. When you’re done, you will find an option of ‘Save Changes’, click on that.

An alternate way with which you can create multiple signatures in Gmail

  1. Launch Gmail, then click on compose.
  2. You will find an icon of a ‘Pen’, click on that.
  3. Click on the option reading- insert signature.
  4. To manage a new signature, click on the option- Create new.
  5. Enter the signature which you will want to use as your signature name.
  6. You will get the option- “for new emails”, “for forwarded emails.” Select either as per your choice.
  7. Go with selecting the font and size when you need to customize the text
  8. You will again get the options from snippets, indicators, and vacation responders, chose either as per your use.
  9. When you are done, do not forget to- Click on save changes


All you have to do to change themes on Gmail:

add multiple signatures, change background themes in Gmail

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  1. The first step as usual is to open Gmail.
  2. Head straight to the settings section to change the theme.
  3. You will get a variety of options with which you can change themes on Gmail.
  4. Click on ‘Okay’ as your last final step.



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