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How to apply for the curfew E-pass

Recently, it was announced that the lockdown caused by the deadly second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has been extended to 17 May. People are requested to stay indoors to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Essential items, such as groceries and medical supplies, have been made available to the public.

In order to manage the needs of the people and to ensure that the public is following the rules of the lockdown, the government has announced new guidelines for systematic management of the pandemic. According to these guidelines, only people who are engaged in medical services due to their profession can perform their duties without being wary of any major restrictions. This exemption also extends to government officials and other public workers. People who work in the field of providing necessary items can also do, provided that they own an E-pass.

Source: https://www.policeresults.com/uttar-pradesh-curfew-e-pass/

An E-pass is a document issued by the government that allows you to perform your tasks and duties even during the lockdown. However, not all are eligible for this. If you provide daily items to the public and do not have any other form of identification regarding your profession, you can apply for an E-pass. These include those who work at grocery stores, petrol pumps, food delivery services, etc.

The government has launched an online platform where people can apply for this E-pass. It is a portal where, with the submission of the required documents, one can easily send an application. The issuance of the E-pass is the responsibility of district magistrates.

To apply for an E-pass, use the following steps:

  1. Go to the E-pass portal, which is specific for each state.
  2. Enter the information that the website asks for.
  3. Upload any ID that was issued by the government as proof of your identity.
  4. Submit a letter from the employment or establishment that you work at that renders you eligible for an E-pass.
  5. Click on the submit button. This action will automatically generate an E-pass. The confirmation of an E-pass will be received via an SMS. The document can be downloaded on your device, as well as in the form of a hard copy.

Therefore, by following the aforementioned steps, any person whose job involves the provision of necessary commodities can perform their professional duties without breaching any government-issued rules. Furthermore, it becomes much easier for government officials to distinguish between workers who are genuinely acting on their duties and those who are not.



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