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How To Beat Bloonarius in Bloons TD 6
A guide on Beating Bloonarius in Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is a game that challenges players with tough boss battles, and one of the most formidable bosses is Bloonarius, an imposing creature emerging from the depths of Sunken Columns. Defeating Bloonarius requires careful planning and strategic execution. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to beat Bloonarius in Bloons TD 6.

Credits- Gamepur

Encountering Bloonarius

To face Bloonarius, players must wait for the boss to appear in the challenge rotation, which can be found on the right side of the main menu screen. It’s important to note that bosses in Bloons TD 6 are exceptionally difficult. Therefore, players should specialize in primary monkeys through the Monkey Knowledge tree, accessible from the main menu, to enhance their chances of success.

Defeating Bloonarius

Players have various options when it comes to approaching the Bloonarius boss fight. They can choose between standard gameplay, which allows the Double Cash option, ranked gameplay that disables Double Cash, or elite gameplay, which increases the boss’s health but is only available after defeating Bloonarius once. However, certain monkeys like the Mortar Monkey or Sniper are unavailable for this challenge across all gameplay modes.

For players utilizing the Double Cash option, defeating Bloonarius becomes relatively easier. Otherwise, it is crucial to focus on two specific areas. Concentrate on stacking damage at the top of the arena while placing Wizard Monkeys with the x-x-4 Necro upgrade at the bottom for backdoor protection. In ranked mode, consider placing a farm within the first 15 rounds to accumulate sufficient funds for upgraded towers by the time Bloonarius arrives.

Tactics and Counters against Bloonarius Bloonarius is the slowest-moving boss in Bloons TD 6, but it possesses a considerable health pool. For every 1% of damage sustained, Bloonarius spawns sludge Bloons around the track. Additionally, for every skull removed (every 25% damage), Bloonarius unleashes a massive wave of ceramic Bloons, which can appear near the exit.

To counter Bloonarius effectively, players must ensure complete map coverage with both mass Bloon and single-target DPS options. Several towers excel in this regard. Bomb Shooters with an 0-2-4 upgrade, Glue Gunners with a 2-0-4 upgrade, and Alchemists with a 4-0-2 upgrade are strong choices when facing Bloonarius’s onslaught.

Noteworthy Rounds during the Battle Apart from Bloonarius himself, players must also contend with regular waves of Bloons. The unique Bloon rounds occur at specific numbers:

  • Camo Bloons: Nudge at round 24, full wave at round 31
  • Lead Bloons: Nudge at round 28, full wave at round 30
  • Bloonarius Spawns: Rounds 40, 60, 80, 100, 120

To handle these rounds effectively, players should aim to have their first farm operational before round 24. Additionally, it is crucial to have camo-stripping monkeys, such as the Ninja, in place. A 4-2-0 Banana Farm should suffice to clear the initial Bloonarius stage, and players should construct additional farms as funds become available.

Choosing the Right Heroes Selecting the appropriate hero is pivotal for success in the Bloonarius battle. However, not all heroes are available for this event. Obyn Greenfoot is a solid choice in Sunken Columns due to his large area-of-effect attacks and stackable buffs for other Druids. Captain Churchill and Etienne can also prove effective. Keep in mind that Churchill carries a hefty price tag (1,800), which may impact certain playstyles.

Many of the best heroes in Bloons TD 6 provide buffs to nearby monkeys, so it is wise to capitalize on these buffs when placing towers. Etienne, once reaching level 8, eliminates any concerns about camo Bloons, potentially saving players valuable in-game currency during the challenge.

Final Tips If all else fails, it may be necessary to reassess strategies and invest in Monkey Knowledge. Boss challenges in BTD6 demand significant investment in appropriate skill trees. Prioritize the Primary Knowledge tree and consider allocating points to the Wizard path, particularly the Necromancer upgrade, within the Magic Knowledge tree.

By following these strategies and optimizing tower placements, players can increase their chances of triumphing over Bloonarius in Bloons TD 6. Remember to adapt and adjust your tactics as needed, and good luck on your quest to defeat this challenging boss!