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How To Beat the Ice Worm in Armored Core 6
A guide on Beating the Ice Worm in Armored Core 6

In Armored Core 6, players encounter a multitude of formidable adversaries. One of the most imposing foes awaits at the end of Chapter 3 – the Ice Worm. This colossal creation, powered by Coral, boasts a formidable two-layered shield that poses a significant challenge for players. To conquer the Ice Worm in Armored Core 6, you’ll need the collaborative efforts of various factions you’ve allied with throughout your journey. AI ACs will assist you by eliminating drones and providing additional firepower during the battle. This boss encounter draws comparisons to iconic fights from previous FromSoftware titles, such as the Storm King, Yhorm the Giant, and Praetor Rykard, requiring players to wield a unique weapon given just before the showdown to pierce the Ice Worm’s shield. Let’s explore how to best this behemoth and ensure your journey through AC6 remains unhindered.

Credits – DotEsports

Understanding the Ice Worm

The Ice Worm is a massive creature that can be quite intimidating, especially for those unprepared. Its attacks can deal substantial damage, making it crucial to comprehend its capabilities and devise an effective strategy for victory.


  1. Energy Projectiles and Missiles: The Ice Worm spends most of the battle submerged, periodically launching energy projectiles and missiles. These can be avoided by staying in motion, quickly boosting when missiles approach, and using the compass/radar at the bottom of the screen to track the Ice Worm’s position.

  2. Drones: After its shield is broken for the first time, the Ice Worm deploys drones to provide cover fire. These drones fire energy projectiles and missiles, which can be avoided in the same way as the Ice Worm’s own attacks. It’s essential to eliminate these drones promptly.

  3. Surface Burst: Occasionally, the Ice Worm bursts out of the ground under a target. However, it rarely lands this attack on a moving player. It may also slam its head onto the ground after surfacing, creating a burst of energy in a cone in front of it. This can be evaded by jumping into the air as it strikes and hovering.

  4. Explosive Finale: After having its shield broken twice, the Ice Worm charges up for a massive explosion centered on itself. This explosion can be dodged by retreating when it starts to recover from the second shield break. This blast eliminates most AI allies from the fight, except for Chatty, who remains until the player lands a shot on the Ice Worm’s shield again.


The Ice Worm can only be made vulnerable through combined efforts with Rusty, an AI character. The player must position themselves in front of the Worm and land a shot on its head using the VE-60SNA shoulder weapon provided for this mission. Since there’s a brief wind-up before firing, precise timing is crucial. The easiest opportunity to hit the Ice Worm is when it performs the slam attack; jump into the air and fire the shot as it concludes.

Once the player lands a shot with the VE-60SNA, Rusty will prepare the Rail Cannon and use it to ground the Ice Worm. Seize this opportunity to unleash your firepower on the Ice Worm’s head, aiming to deal maximum damage before it can recover. Eliminate its drones and repeat this process to transition to the second phase. Phase 2 starts with an explosion, so ensure you move away after it recovers to avoid the blast.

In Phase 2, landing two shots with the VE-60SNA will break the Ice Worm’s outer shield for Rusty. This shield doesn’t regenerate, allowing you to take your time dodging and aligning your shots. Once Rusty immobilizes the Worm one final time, focus all your firepower to deplete its health bar and secure victory.

Build Recommendations 

For a successful battle against the Ice Worm, mobility is key to evade its attacks. Consider using reverse-jointed or tetrapod legs for improved agility. Quick ascension into the air is vital to avoid the slam attack, which can inflict substantial damage.

Equip the VE-60SNA on your right shoulder to address the Ice Worm’s shield effectively. For the remaining weapon loadout, choose your preferred weapons, but remember that the mission will fail if you don’t defeat the Worm after Rusty’s final Rail Cannon shot. Hence, maximize damage output whenever the Worm is grounded.

Get a build that focuses on mobility and damage output, featuring tetrapod legs for maneuverability and a combination of weapons for versatility. The VE-60SNA is the key to breaking the Ice Worm’s shield, ensuring your success in the battle.


Conquering the Ice Worm in Armored Core 6 is no small feat, but armed with the right strategy and build, you can emerge victorious. The battle demands precision, teamwork with Rusty, and a keen understanding of the Worm’s attacks. By following this teen-friendly guide and embracing the recommended build, you’ll be well-prepared to face this formidable adversary and continue your journey through AC6 with confidence. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a few attempts to secure that hard-earned victory against the Ice Worm!