How to become a marriage counselor in bitlife

Love is all around in BitLife, and in spite of the fact that it isn’t Valentine’s Day, it’s as yet a day to celebrate. Why would that be? Since another BitLife weekend challenge, the Backstabber Challenge, recently showed up! The test requests that you become a male marriage mentor who causes divorces between your ex and their friends and family! On the off chance that you’re keen on finding out more, keep perusing to figure out how to turn into a marriage mentor in BitLife.

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The most effective method to Turn into a Marriage Mentor in BitLife

In the event that you’re attempting to complete a particular test, ensure you make a person whose orientation matches the test portrayal. In any case, you’re allowed to make your personality and mature up until they graduate secondary school. Since marriage mentors require a college degree, you’ll need to select and move on from college first. Ensure you have high smarts, or, more than likely you risk getting denied section!

Contingent upon where you reside, you might get free educational cost. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t, you can either apply for a grant or pay from cash on hand. On the off chance that you have high smarts, you’re considerably more prone to get a grant!

At the point when you enter college, pick brain research as your major. While not needed, it’ll assist you with reducing your employment inquiries later. Complete the four-year program prior to exploring the everyday work postings. Look at until you track down Marriage Mentor! Yet again in the event that you can’t track down it, close and resume the BitLife application prior to checking. Go after the position and pass the meeting to turn into an instructor!

The latest, Backstabber, begins on October 8, 2022, and closes once the vault closes. This time, you’ll turn into a marriage mentor who makes an ex separation their mate!

The most effective method to Finish the Snake Test in BitLife

The following are the four assignments you should finish to complete the Backstabber Challenge in BitLife:

  • Be conceived a male
  • Turn into a marriage mentor
  • Make an ex separation their companion
  • Entice a wedded colleague

To start, make another male person in your preferred nation. Progress in years up and keep your details high until you graduate secondary school. Enter college and select Brain science as your major. While you’re not expected to have a brain science certification to turn into a marriage mentor, it’ll assist you with limiting your decisions!

In the wake of graduating college, head into the everyday work class under Occupation and look down until you see Marriage Mentor. In the event that you can’t track down it, close and resume the BitLife application. When you secure the position, apply for itself and complete the meeting to turn into a marriage mentor!

As a marriage mentor, you’ll track down another tab under Occupation that shows you your work. Select it and head into associates. Pick somebody who is hitched and start raising your relationship by praising and conversing with them. After you maximize their relationship bar, you can get to know them and endeavor to connect with them. Assuming they acknowledge, you’ll get done with one more responsibility of the test! Simply be cautious since they might report you to HR, possibly losing your employment.

Ultimately, you need to date somebody, part ways with them then, at that point, hold on until they wed somebody. The more exes you have, the higher your possibilities finding somebody that gets hitched from here on out. At the point when you find somebody, give them gifts and converse with them to raise your relationship bar once more. Whenever it’s maxed, call the individual and attempt to revive your relationship. There’s an opportunity they’ll say OK, bringing about them separating from their companion.

In the wake of following through with each of the four jobs, you’ll finish the Double-crosser Test in BitLife!