How to breed deedge

The Deedge is a blue, shaggy beast with a speaker joined to the focal point of head utilizes ice blocks as a sound board in the design of a DJ. The Deedge opens up at level nine in My Singing Beasts, and can be reared utilizing beast pairings containing components that compare to equivalent amounts of Air, Plant, Water, and Cold.

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  1. Get to even out 9 or higher first.

The Deedge must be reared when you’ve arrived at level nine. Your ongoing level status is shown at the upper left corner of the My Singing Beasts Home screen.
To begin progressing toward level nine, tap on “Objectives” and complete the rundown of required objectives, like taking care of your beasts or purchasing rearing designs for islands.

2. Ensure there’s a rearing construction on Cold or Shugabush Island.

The Deedge must be reproduced on one of these two islands. In the event that you haven’t yet put rearing designs on either of these islands, tap on “Market,” tap on “Designs,” buy a reproducing structure for 200 gold coins, then put the construction on either Cool Island or Shugabush Island.

3. Tap the rearing construction and pick “Breed.”

You can tap the construction on Cool Island or Shugabush island. When you select it, tap Breed.

4. Select a beast from every segment.

Pick beasts to make a matching that makes up equivalent pieces of the Air, Plant, Water, and Cold components. You can either raise two-component beasts with each other, or breed a one-component beast with a three-component beast. Instances of beast pairings that can effectively raise the Deedge are Dandidoo + Throat, Objection + Furcorn, Pango + Oaktopus, Spunge + Mammott, Thumpies + Toe Jammer, Congle + Potbelly, and Bowgart + Tweedle.
Match the Bowgart with the Tweedle for the most obvious opportunity with regards to reproducing the Deedge. This beast matching has been displayed to have a 39 percent achievement pace of making the Deedge.

5. Tap “Breed” in the wake of picking your beasts.

The rearing construction will begin blazing to demonstrate that your beasts are reproducing. The reproducing time frame for the Deedge endures 24 hours. After the reproducing period closes, the Deedge egg will consequently be put at the Nursery and prepared to incubate.
To abstain from trusting that the Deedge’s reproducing period will end, acknowledge the proposal to pay 12 jewels subsequent to tapping on “Breed.”

6. Return while the reproducing time frame has finished.

Following 24 hours, sign back in to My Singing Beasts. The Deedge egg will currently be hanging tight for you at the Nursery.
On the off chance that your underlying rearing endeavor was ineffective, return to the reproducing structure, tap on “Retry,” and either select similar beasts you utilized beforehand, or attempt an alternate beast matching. You might have to endeavor reproducing the Deedge at least multiple times until rearing is effective.

7. Tap the Nursery.

You’ll get a notice illuminating you that the Deedge egg has incubated. You can now sell the Deedge, or select the choice to put the Deedge on Chilly Island, Gold Island, or Shugabush Island.