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How to breed frogs in Minecraft?


Minecraft is one of the most loved games on the face of the earth and every now and then there is a new update to the game. Some of which people love while the others, not so much.

The introduction of frogs in this amazing game must have its own significance and while they cannot be tamed within the game, players have told us that they can at least be bred much like other mobs in Minecraft. Breeding is something that we all are aware about, and it should not come as a surprise to you when I tell you that players need a minimum of two frogs to begin breeding.

What do you do when you want to attract a moth in the dark? You switch on the light and let the moth come to you. Similarly, in Minecraft if you wish to attract frogs, you should use slimeballs because frogs in this game are attracted to slimeballs. So, players should equip at least two slime balls and feed their two frogs.

Feeding slimeballs to these frogs will make them fall in love with you and you can see small red hearts over their heads. After that, these frogs will take you to a water block nearby and lay their frogspawn in the look and shape of tiny black dots. These dots will eventually hatch into tadpoles and the tadpoles will then grow into big frogs.

This is how you can begin to breed frogs in Minecraft.

Later on, the players can also use these frogs to breed more frogs in a similar fashion. Isn’t it cool?

However, once these frogspawns have hatched, the players can make them grow into grogs faster than the usual process by feeding them more and more slimeballs. Make sure that they have enough water around them to be able to grow into full frogs faster. In order for players to guide these tiny tadpoles wherever they want, they can use the slimeballs to attract them.

Thus, it seems like the entire game can be controlled by Slimeballs, but it is not true. Frogs and tadpoles can be easily controlled and attracted to slimeballs, though!

One more thing to keep in mind is the colour of frogs while breeding them. The players need to keep in mind that if the colour of the frog is lush green, he is bred from cold biome. If it is orange, it is the temperate biome and if it is white, then it is the warm biome.