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How to minimize YouTube on iPhone?


YouTube is one of the most used video streaming applications in the world and the reasons are pretty obvious. We love watching videos on YouTube but there are one or two features that people have been demanding from YouTube since a very long time.

One of them is to keep the audio playing while we turn off the display, and the other one is to have a picture-in-picture (PiP) option enabled for YouTube in iPhones.

These are the two major demands that people have from YouTube’s official application but for some reason, Google is not ready to give this pleasure to us.

Anyhow, we are here today to let you guys know a workaround for YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode on iPhones and it will work 100%.

How to minimize YouTube on iPhone or how to enable Picture-in-Picture on YouTube?

Well for starters, forget that you can do this on the official YouTube application. At least till they officially roll out an update. Follow the below mentioned steps to enable PiP on YouTube.

  1. Open Safari on iPhone and go to
  2. Search for a video.
  3. In the bottom, on the address bar > click on Aa.
  4. Then select ‘request desktop site’.
  5. Press on play.
  6. Swipe up to your home screen and you will see that Picture-in-Picture mode has been activated for YouTube on your iPhone.

You can play your favourite music or watch your video on YouTube while scrolling Facebook or Twitter or do anything on your iPhone. There are absolutely no limitations on this feature.

So, for those of you who have never used an iPhone before and are having difficulty understanding what Picture-in-Picture mode is, let me help you.

So, on a computer you must have seen a minimize option, similarly we have it on iPhone for playing videos in the background of what you are currently doing. Your video can be minimized to a mini player with majority of your screen visible for use. If you want to use an entire screen while still playing the video in the background, you can swipe right or left on the mini-player, and it will hide behind the bezels on your iPhone. You can bring the video back in the foreground whenever you want, and the video will still be playing.

There are several use case scenarios of this feature, and I am sure that you can now enjoy YouTube in PiP without the official update rolling out.