How to build a house in Minecraft

There are limitless ways to build and create in Minecraft, and houses are no exception. This guide will cover a few creative ideas to build your home.


Starting out 

  1. First, find a spot that you would like to start your build at.
  2. A good way to start is to plot out the size of your house using the corner pillars. Use simple blocks for this build, so use spruce logs for the pillars.
  3. Add a foundation made of cobblestone. It is nice to use as many different blocks as possible to vary your build.


  1. Switch to oak plants and build your walls.
  2. Now, you can add your front door and put in some windows by using glass panes.


  1. Now you can start on the floor. For this, continue to dig spaces in the ground and add blocks made of oak plants.


  1. With the floor in place, you can start working on the roof.
  2. A common way of making roofs or any other slanted object in Minecraft is to use stairs.


  1. Now that the shell of the house is complete, you can add more detail, like a chimney and fireplace.
  2. You can use a campfire for a permanently burning flame.


  1. The next step is the bedroom. If your house has a high ceiling, try making a loft instead.
  2. Use oak for the loft floor and spruce fence for the supports.
  3. Then, place a ladder to reach the room.
  4. Plot down a bed, books, and other details, and add some lighting.


  1. You can make a simply fridge by stacking a dispenser on any block, adding an iron door, and finally a button.
  2. You can also use a cauldron as a sink and use a couple of rails as a stovetop.


  1. Now, go back outside, and add some oak leaves, lanterns, and a path.

Finish up the interior in any way you like, and you have got yourself a new Minecraft home.