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How to buy Braintrust token

The first decentralised talent network is Braintrust. Braintrust links experienced technical freelancers from the largest multinational corporations to tiny businesses. The platform is built on Ethereum’s zero-knowledge rollup technology (zk-rollup).

Braintrust is now operational, with hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies such as Nestle, Porsche, Atlassian, Goldman Sachs, and Nike processing millions of dollars in monthly transactions. Pantera, a subsidiary of Coinbase Ventures, is the largest investor. Braintrust tokens will be available for purchase on Coinlist beginning September 9, 2021.

Here’s a step-by-step instruction to purchasing Braintrust (BTRST) tokens from Coinlist.

Braintrust token is built on Ethereum zk-rollup to have 0% gas expenses during minting and trading. The BTRST platform will, however, charge certain fees.

The BTRST token will be utilised for governance, bid staking, and career advancement. Users can use the BTRST token to buy courses from Brainstrust Academy. Bid staking is a relatively new idea that will have a significant impact on the business. And, with governance, the holders have the authority to select features and make new ideas.

This is the first talent platform to collaborate with Nike and key Fortune 1000 MNCs. The platform has already been released and is operational.

Based on its supply, the ICO price appears to be a little high. However, based on the circulating supply, it has a lot of space to increase, and we may predict 5-10x profits right after introduction. Long-term investors might expect 8-12x returns in the following 1-2 years.

Braintrust has completed numerous rounds of private funding with investors like as Coinbase Ventures, TigerGlobal, Pantera, Hashkey, and others. Aside from that, they are anticipated to raise an additional $800,000 through this public fundraising on Coinlist. Once you create an account with CoinList. After that, you just need to follow the procedure. As you can see there are 5 steps to participate in the Braintrust token community sale.

Once you’ve signed up for an account with CoinList. After then, all you have to do is follow the steps. As you can see, there are five stages to cross in order to participate in the Braintrust token community sale.

Entity – Obtaining information about the project. How much you want to spend and everything about coins To purchase the Brainstrust BTRST tokens, fund your wallet using BTC, ETH, USDT, or USDC.

You can participate in any sale unless you are from the United States, Canada, or China.

Identity – It requires KYC, therefore this is where it comes in. Submit your ID verification papers. It might be anything, such as your driver’s licence, passport, or identification with your address on it.

Photos — In this phase, you must photograph yourself in real time while holding the identity evidence that you have just provided.

Security – Risk warning and wallet funding

Status — This indicates that you have finished the form and displays the current status of your transaction. After they deduct the cash, you will receive the BTRST token in accordance with their release timetable.



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