How to buy Gala?

What exactly is Gala?
Gala Games aspires to revolutionise the gaming business by giving gamers back control over their games. The goal of Gala Games is to create “blockchain games that you’ll really want to play.”

The idea aims to change the reality that players may invest hundreds of dollars on in-game assets, as well as countless hours playing the game, all of which can be taken away with a single click of a button.

It intends to bring creative thinking into games by using blockchain technology to give players ownership over the games and in-game assets.

how to buy gala cryptocurrency

so we are going to use bitrue app for this. Bitrue is really beginner friendly cryptocurrency exchange. It’s really easy to use and has really simple interface to use. Bitrue has bdc bearing for gala, which means that you either have to first buy bitcoin or deposit bitcoin and then trade that bitcoin into gala.

Step 1: sign up on bitrue and after you have signed up the home page is the first thing you will see. you can use bitrue through a mobile and or desktop.

Step 2: go to assets if you already own bitcoin and when you can you can go to assets and click btc and here you can deposit bitcoin
from your other cryptocurrency wallets.

and if you don’t own bitcoin all you have to do is click credit card and here you can buy bitcoin straight up to your credit card it takes
a couple of minutes it’s really easy and select how much you want to buy and just click buy bdc after that when you go to assets the
bitcoin will show up right there, so now you should own some bitcoin you either deposited it or you bought it with your credit card.

Step 3: go search gala and click gala bt btc and click buy and you will land on the trading disk. On the right side of the screen, you will be able to see red numbers and green numbers. The green numbers are buying orders so other people who are also buying gala show up there and the red numbers are selling orders, some people are currently selling gala okay so that’s
uh the red numbers so you’re obviously buying now gala. you have to buy from somebody who is selling gala.
All you have to do here is to check out the red numbers and when you click the button one of the red numbers that are the lowest amount that somebody is willing to sell their gala tokens.

Step 4: when you click the button one of the red numbers you will automatically get the best pricing you will
get the more most tokens for your money.

Step 5: click the bottom one of the red numbers after that select how much gala you want to buy. you can use the scroller, when you go with hundred percent that means that you are selling all of your bitcoins and trading that in the gala.

Step 6: After selecting how much gala you want to buy you can see the amount there, all you have to do is click buy gala
and then it will ask a trading passport put the trading password in and after that the order will complete and when you go to assets the gala will show up right up there in your assets.