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How to buy Illuvium (ILV) coin

There’s a lot of people on the illuvium discord at the minute that are asking how they get involved. there’s a lot of new people to crypto that have seen this game.


So, let’s get into the steps to buy and stake it as well.


Step- 1  Visit the Binance website. Just go on to binance.com or google it

and wait when you get to the main page


Step – 2 Once you land on the page you’ll have a little sign-up thing over there

And if your screen didn’t show one it is because you are already signed in.


Step – 3 In the Sign- up procedure, they’ll simply ask you some details about yourself

but then you’ll need to provide them with proof of id so they can verify you for

your account

Remember, this can take a couple of days but it just shows you the security that they’ve got in place so

it’s all good and all worth it.


Step – 4 once your account’s fully set up. We will move on to buy crypto. Down to credit and debit cards,

you can change the currency that you want to buy in


Step – 5 and then change it from one cryptocurrency to another, as in the case here, bitcoin to eth Ethereum.


Step – 6 you can just scroll down the list and they’re as simple as putting and how much you want to



Step – 6 you will have to press continue. You will need to put in your card details that you’re paying

From and after that it’ll just do a couple of security checks.


Step – 7 It will send you a text message to your phone or cell phone and it will send you a code to your email address


Step – 8 Once you put those both in the press continue and the Ethereum will get transferred to your account.


Step – 9 After that we’re going to need to set up a meta mask so we can get the Ethereum sent into there


Step – 10 Put in the search bar metamask.io.


Step – 11 Then you simply press install


Step – 12 It brings you over to extensions which are there as a download center.


Step – 13 Select “add to chrome”


Step – 14 Click “Add extension” and then it’s downloading now


Step – 15 Now you’ve got your metamask account.


Step – 16 Next, you will have to click on your account details.


Step – 17 Now, go back over to Binance and go to your wallet.


Step – 18 Come down to fiat and spot down where you have got Ethereum.


Step – 19 Go to withdraw and paste the address in there


Step – 20 Select Ethereum and then you put in however much you

want to put in.


Step – 21 put in whatever you want and then send it over.


Step – 22 once you’ve pressed to withdraw it your metamask is going to pop up and it’s just going to ask you to

confirm it. It will also show your gas fees. The gas fees are the  commission that they charge you in the Ethereum network and it can be quite high


Now that you’ve got it in your metamask account. if you go over to illuvium and you go into staking

you can now connect your wallet and it’ll ask you to connect it. simply press next connect and your

wallet is now connected and ready to be utilized.



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