How to change Nickname on Discord

Discord, a popular group-chatting software, was created to provide a space for gamers to form communities and communicate.

Source – Digital Trends

However, since its inception in 2015, it has grown to encompass communities from all over the internet, including authors, artists, and K-Pop stans. As more individuals worked, played games, and interacted online throughout the epidemic, it grew in popularity, and the site today claims to have over 140 million active monthly users.

Discord is designed to allow participants to communicate with one another at a basic level. A “server” is the name given to each community. Typically, each server has many channels, each of which is dedicated to a distinct topic or has its own set of regulations. There are tens of thousands of Discord servers, each dedicated to a certain topic. There’s a high possibility you’ll be able to discover a Discord server for whatever it is you’re interested in.

This is especially true for video games, which account for the majority of the most popular Discord servers. You may Google “[insert topic here] Discord server” to find new servers to join. You may also utilise Discord’s own search engine, but keep in mind that it does not track all servers.

Nicknames have quite a tendency to stick to us in real life, even if we don’t like them. On Discord, however, nicknames are one of the numerous options available to users who want to personalise their experience on the network. Here’s how to alter or change your Discord Nickname if you’re interested (you can also change your username if you want to use the same name across multiple servers).

How to alter your Discord nickname

  • On your Mac or PC, log into your Discord account and choose the chosen server from the left sidebar.
  • The section with the server name and a down-carrot should be clicked.
  • Choose “Change Nickname” from the drop-down menu.
  • In the pop-up window, type your chosen nickname and then click “Save.”
  • If you don’t mind a more public procedure, you may change your nickname more rapidly by using the slash command “/nick” followed by your chosen moniker within a conversation for that server.

How to Change Your Discord Username

  • Instead of altering your nickname for a single server, you may change your username for all of them.
  • If necessary, open Discord and log into your account.
  • Select the gear icon, which is found immediately below your current username in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Next to your username details, click “Edit.”
  • Click “Save” after entering your new login and current password in the appropriate fields.