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How To Change Skins in Mighty Doom
A guide on Changing Skins in Mighty Doom

For gamers who want to cut through the legions of Hell in style, Mighty Doom offers the opportunity to customize the Mini Slayer’s weapons and armor skins. The mobile game’s alternate skins and unlockable slayers provide not only a cosmetic boost but also some mechanical benefits.

Credits – DoomWikifandom

Players can equip the Mini Slayer with weapons that are earned by opening crates. Crate keys can be earned by leveling up the slayer through combat, purchasing them with crystals (the game’s premium currency), or watching advertisements. When a player earns a weapon, they may notice that some are reskins of weapons they already own. Owning a weapon with a new skin allows the player to select that skin on any version of that weapon, and each weapon’s skin can be set individually for no cost.

While all weapon skins are purely cosmetic, the armor worn by the Mini Slayer can significantly impact the player’s capabilities and optimal playstyle. These different sets of armor are called “slayers” and are treated as different playable characters. Each slayer has a different base value for damage and health, as well as a unique perk. Slayers available exclusively through microtransactions are stronger than the free-to-play Mini Slayer, but the perks attached to each slayer are more closely balanced and closer to preference picks.

At launch, four slayers are available, with the Mini Slayer being unlocked by default. Crimson can be purchased for $4.99, Classic for $9.00, and Gold for 1200 crystals. Slayers can be upgraded using Argent energy, which is dropped by enemies during combat. Argent energy is not specific to any slayer, and upgrades are purchased from a shared resource pool. Upgrades increase the base stats of each slayer and unlock universal buffs at levels 10 and 80.

Each slayer also has an alternate skin, which is purely cosmetic and retains all the slayer’s stats, advancements, and perks. To toggle an alternate skin, players must highlight the slayer from the selection menu and select “info” in the bottom-right of the screen. The Mini Slayer has an exclusive skin available to members of Bethesda’s Slayers Club. To redeem the skin, players must join the Slayers Club using their account, which is free through Bethesda’s website. After joining, players must log in to their account in Mighty Doom, available through the Slayers Club option in the settings menu.

In summary, changing skins in Mighty Doom offers players the opportunity to customize the Mini Slayer’s appearance while also providing some mechanical benefits. Weapon skins are earned by opening crates, and owning a weapon with a new skin allows the player to select that skin on any version of that weapon. Slayers are different playable characters, each with a unique perk, and can be upgraded using Argent energy. Alternate skins for each slayer are purely cosmetic and can be toggled from the selection menu. Bethesda’s Slayers Club offers an exclusive Mini Slayer skin to its members. Mighty Doom is available on iOS and Android devices.