How to change your PlayStation Network username

It was generally difficult to change your PlayStation Network (PSN) account name. It was only after April 2019 that Sony permitted account holders to do it by any stretch of the imagination. Presently, each record is permitted to change its username once free of charge. Any progressions after that include some major disadvantages: $4.99 assuming you’re a PlayStation Plus supporter or $9.99 for every other person.

How to change your PlayStation Network name on PS4, PS5, or the PSN website | Business Insider India
Source: Business Insider India

Whether you’ve grown out of your username or you just need to transform it, we will walk you through the cycle. In any case, there are a few admonitions to go through first.

Assuming you for the most part play more up to date games (explicitly, games delivered after April first, 2018), Sony says that you shouldn’t experience many if any, issues with the username change since those games were created to help this component. In any case, assuming you appreciate games from prior in the PS4 time, that is another story. Sony has made a rundown of games with known issues that you could experience assuming you change your username.

Just before you change your name, Sony will provoke you with various ways that a portion of your valuable game save information may be impacted, whether it’s put away locally or in the cloud:

  • Your past Online ID might stay apparent to you and different players in certain areas
  • You might lose progress inside games, including game saved information, leaderboard information, and progress toward Trophies
  • Portions of your game and applications may not work as expected both on the web and disconnected
  • You might lose admittance to content (counting paid-for content) that you might have gained for your games, including content like additional items and virtual money

Assuming you’re still okay with changing your username, this is the way to get it done:


  • Your initial step is to sign in to your Sony account. When you do that, you’ll see your PSN account name (Sony considers it your “Online ID”) as the top choice in the window. Click “Alter” to change your username.


  • Before you can continue, Sony will raise those alerts recorded previously. Hit “I Accept” to continue onward.


  • There are more alerts in the following stage. Sony illuminates you that assuming you experience issues, you can return the change and recover your old username. Nonetheless, it likewise cautions that doing as such may not fix issues would it be a good idea for them they emerge. All in all, quite possibly are something will get screwed up. Assuming you’re cool with the gamble, push ahead.


  • On your PS4’s primary dashboard, explore “Settings” and select it
  • Look through the rundown until you see the “Record Management” choice. Click on that, then, at that point, select “Record Information” > “Profile” > “Online ID.”
  • You’ll see the very alerts that Sony presentations to program clients before permitting a username change
  • In the wake of tolerating these admonitions, you can enter a new username


The most common way of changing your username on the PlayStation 5 like you’d see on the PlayStation 4, for certain little changes concerning the menu design and route.

  • On your PS5’s fundamental dashboard, explore “Settings” and select it
  • Select “Clients and Accounts” > “Records” > “Profile”
  • You’ll see the very alerts that Sony presentations to program clients before permitting a username change
  • In the wake of tolerating these admonitions, you’ll be approached to enter your current PSN qualifications before entering a new username