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How to check voicemail on android

Once upon a time, phones had two functions to ease phone calls, and keep voicemails.
Currently, voicemails are not nearly as popular as textbook dispatches or emails. But indeed so, your smartphone still has its voicemail inbox, which you can pierce at any time.

How to check voicemail on android

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Different phone models have their types of voice mailboxes, but nearly every Android phone lets you call it in the same way.
How to call your voicemail on an Android phone
The easiest way to check your Android voicemail is to open up your phone’s dial pad — the pad you use to enter phone figures — and hold down the number”1.”If you look nearly, it should indeed have a little icon that looks like a vid recording below it.
You will be taken incontinently to your voicemail inbox.
Still, or the battery is dead, you can pierce your mailbox from another phone If your phone is not near.
1. From another phone, call your phone number.
2. Stay for the recorded”Please leave a communication” chatting to start playing, also tap the pound key (#) on the phone’s dial pad.
3. Enter your voicemail leg.
You will now have access and control over your voicemail inbox.
Still, also go to the Google Play Store and install a visual voicemail app, like”My Visual Voicemail” or”Voxist, If you prefer reading textbook reiterations of your Android voicemails.”

How to check voicemail on Android using Visual Voicemail
Still, you can check your voicemail through then, If you have Visual Voicemail enabled on your Android device. Search through your apps to find Visual Voicemail and open it. You’ll be suitable to see all of your most recent voicemails and fluently manage them.
Because Visual Voicemail is, well, visual, it’s a lot easier to sift through your voicemails. You don’t have to stay through automated menus and go back if you make a mistake.
Still, it’s super easy, If you don’t have Visual Voicemail enabled and you want to change that. On some Android bias, you can open your Phone app, valve more or the three blotches in the upper right, valve Settings> Voicemail, and turn on Visual Voicemail.



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