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How to check who can see your iPhone location. 

How to check who can see your iPhone location in simple easy steps

When it comes to Apple devices privacy and security are the top of its concern list and it’s true nothing can beat it. Apple also comes with super cool new features with which you can watch out for your iPhone location and also how you can check who can see your iPhone location.

Apple has also rolled out a publication reading of 20 pages which is titled ‘Device and Data safety when personal data at risk’. If you have risked your personal data and safety or even if you need to do a quick check-up, you can check who can see your iPhone location
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Here’s how to check who can see your iPhone location-

Following are some advisable steps that you can take to ensure your iPhone’s location privacy-

Turn off the location service for once and for all.

In case you do not feel safe while sharing your location, you can simply turn off your iPhone’s location. To do so, navigate through the settings of your iPhone and reach the option of privacy.
 From the list of all the options mentioned, turn the toggle off for location.
When you carry out this procedure, know that there might be some apps on your phone that might not run with your location disabled.

How to know about the apps that can see your iPhone’s location

  1. Head straight to the settings section once again, then tap on privacy and scroll down to tap on-location services. While you do this you should make sure that your location is turned on.
  2. Once you tap on the option you will discover a list of options that will include all the applications even the third-party apps.
  3. When you tap on a single app you will be able to edit the location used for that individual app. You will get the following options- Never, ask next time, while using the app, and always. Choose the most preferred one.
  4. To increase privacy on your iPhone, you may turn the toggle off for “Precise Location”. This will give your apps permission to locate your iPhone but not precisely.

Furthermore, you can see the Location Services symbol spring up on the status bar at whatever point an application is getting to it.



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