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How to Choose a Tablet: 5 Top Tips

Tablet is a compact device, which is designed for surfing the Internet, working with text documents, watching videos, communicating on social networks, playing games, betting on 22Bet India, and listening to music. It is used by businessmen and students, schoolchildren and their parents, experienced users, and beginners. If you are buying a tablet for the first time, it is difficult to choose a model that is suitable for specific tasks.

Look for Models With a Diagonal of 7-10 Inches

7 inches is the optimal diagonal size if you need your tablet for gaming. A device with this size is convenient to use on the move, for example, to read a book in the subway. A compact mobile device with a diagonal of 7 inches is suitable for a child.

If you need to use the gadget stationary, it is better to look for a device with a diagonal of 9.7 inches.

There are tablets from 10 inches. They are good for watching movies and TV shows.

Choose an Operating System

Tablets on Windows will suit those who are shy of innovation, conservative in their choice, not ready to long to master an unfamiliar interface. But this operating system will seem complicated to those who are used to working with the other two.

IOS is the system, which is equipped only with Apple products.

Android is a progressive OS, with updates that appear almost every week. The device will be appreciated by young people who like to make the most of technology and work with dozens of apps.

The experienced user of tablets will name a few manufacturers that are worthy of attention. On the list are sure to be Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo. Most brands are equipped with the Android OS, but Apple with its iOS stands apart.

Understand the Parameters of the Display

First, you need to evaluate the aspect ratio. It comes in two varieties – 16:9 and 4:3. If your tablet will be used more often for watching movies, the first format is fine.  

The second parameter is the screen resolution. The higher it is, the better quality the image will be. This applies to any content: text, graphics, video.

The standard resolution for a seven-inch screen is 1024×600 pixels, while for a tablet with a 9.7 diagonal it is 1024×768 pixels. Video in HD 1080 quality can be obtained only with a display resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

Study the Case Material

Plastic and metal tablets are common. The first material is lightweight, which is important for users who plan to constantly carry the device with them. To prevent the tablet from slipping out of your hands, some manufacturers apply the Soft Touch coating on their models.

Metal devices are stronger, more durable, reliable, better to withstand scratches and cracks. Their disadvantages are higher weight and lower sensitivity of the Wi-Fi transmitter. Metal will muffle it.

Consider Battery Capacity

The capacity parameter affects the duration of the tablet without recharging. If you need the device to watch movies on trips, the recommended capacity is 7000 mA/h. Most devices with a diagonal of 9.7 inches have such batteries.



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