How to connect to eduroam

Let’s look into the two methods to connect to eduroam

How to connect to eduroam on android

To connect to the IU network utilising the public net SSID option while on campus, simply follow these easy instructions. If you choose to sign in when you are connected to the iu public network, you will be sent to the splash page for the iu public network. Opt for the eduroam network. You will then be sent to the app’s configuration setup using this. If you encounter a security problem, click here to proceed. You’ll use your browser to click Continue nevertheless. If your own page opens up briefly after that, hit eduroam once again to go to the download page. Get the eduroam app now. after downloading the app.

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Source: Monash University

You’ll be asked to install the join now multi-os app when you click open. After choosing install, press Done when the app has been set up. From the original browser page, select join next. You will be sent to an IU login page where you must input your IU username and passcode before completing the duo’s authentication. You will be registered for the iu eduroam network immediately as a result. At this point, select Next to enable the app to connect to wireless networks automatically. After setting up eduroam, you may go to your wifi settings, disconnect from the IU public network, and choose the eduroam network. Some gadgets could automatically connect to eduroam.

How to connect to eduroam on windows

To connect to the iU network using the public net SSID option while on campus, simply follow these easy instructions. Choose the eduroam option on the left from your web browser if you are using a computer, laptop, or phone from there. When the installation window appears, it recognises your machine. To proceed, choose join now, then launch the.exe file for the WiFi installation. To proceed, click the next button and input your iU login information. When the installation is finished, click done. When done, your device will instantly be added to eduroam. Choose the option on the right if you have a gaming or media device. Your login information must be entered, and you must then register the mac address of the device you can