How to scan a document on iPhone

Today I’ll show you how to scan a document on iPhone using the built-in notes app. So, when you open the notes app, you have the option of selecting an existing note or starting a new one. There is also a camera-like button at the bottom of the screen. We’re going to bring our first document into view by clicking that, which says “scan document.” This will only be a brief guide. Consequently, you’re going to bring it into view and select Scan Document. The iPhone will automatically recognize the document and scan it without you having to press any buttons, and then you can select the Save icon at the bottom of the screen.

How to scan documents on your iPhone with the Notes app — Apple Support -  YouTube
Source: Youtube

As you can see, after scanning the entire paper for content, it automatically designated the document as our scan document. As a result, the document’s primary title will be its name. Of course, changing the title is as simple as clicking in the upper right corner. After that, we’ll preserve that.


You’re going to press scan document again since we can also do this with photographs. Again, it will just scan the image and add it to our note without taking any further action. So, after you click “Save,” the picture will appear. You will thus click on it and give it a name. then we’ll press “Save.”


As you can see, we now have scanned paper and a scanned photo inside our notes app, but we can really alter the crop on any scanned document if we want to. In order to return to the view we saw when we originally scanned the page, click the crop symbol at the bottom of the screen when we click on the document. The document’s crop can now be altered. After pressing “done,” we will instantly have a precisely cropped scanned paper in our notes app.


Now, if we want to save this to our files app, we can do so as a pdf file as well. To do this, simply click in that area, select the share symbol, and then select Store to Files. From there, you can choose whether to save the file on your iPhone or in your iCloud Drive. As you can see, the notes app has a very strong and user-friendly document scanning feature that is integrated into iOS. So, that’s how you  scan a document on iPhone using the built-in notes app. .