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How to Convert Excel to PDF on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android

Source – Lifewire

Excel is a very commonly used software by individuals and businesses equally. You can easily perform data analysis, formatting, and other calculations in Excel. However, if you want to select a specific part of your file or send it to someone for presentations, Excel is not the best choice. Here is where the Portable Document Format (PDF) comes in handy.  

Once an Excel file is converted to a PDF, it becomes much more convenient for users to share and present the file’s contents. Here are a few benefits of converting an Excel to PDF that you can gain: 

  • A Portable Document Format is accepted universally. 
  • A PDF file is completely free to read. 
  • PDF files can be signed and personalized, hence avoiding data theft. 
  • A PDF file cannot be easily edited, which means your data will be secure. 

Converting an Excel to PDF 

Files can be sent or shared without converting them to PDFs, but there is a catch. Others might encounter compatibility issues in different operating systems when you share a file. This issue can be eliminated by converting the Excel file to a PDF. 

Methods for converting an Excel file to PDF are mostly similar on all platforms, besides a few differences. This article will cover the procedure for converting an Excel file to PDF on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.  

FormatPDF to Convert Excel to PDF 

An easy method to convert Excel files to PDFs is by using FormatPDF. You can use any operating system, Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android, to convert your Excel file. The steps needed to convert Excel files to PDF on this platform are listed below. 

  1. Open the page for Excel to PDF conversion on the website of Format PDF
  2. A red box will appear with a button saying “Select Excel Files”. Click the button. 
  3. A separate window will pop up that allows you to select the Excel file from your device. 
  4. Lastly, click the “Convert to PDF” button, and your file will be ready to download. 

FormatPDF provides a common-to-all interface to convert a file. This fully online system removes any kind of watermarks or ads from the file. The platform offers a system that is compatible with every OS and integrated with maximum security to ensure data privacy. There are no complications depending on your device, and this platform ensures easy access to the file after you have converted and downloaded it. 

Excel to PDF on Windows 

Alternatively, you can convert an Excel file to PDF on a Windows operating system using the Office platform too. This program has a built-in feature that allows you to convert the files. The process of converting an Excel file to a PDF is as follows: 

  1. Open the file that you want to convert using the Excel application in your Windows OS. 
  2. Now move to the “File” menu and then click on the “Export” option.
  3. You will be taken to the next page; click on the button that says “Create PDF/ XPS document.” 
  4. Type in the name you want to give to your PDF file and click on the “Publish” button. 

If you don’t have a licensed version of Office applications, you can also use Google Drive on your Windows system to convert the Excel file to a PDF. You just have to upload an Excel file on Google Drive, click on the file button, and select the PDF document option. The PDF file will be downloaded to your Windows operating system. 

Excel to PDF on Mac 

On a Mac, you can convert the whole Excel file to a PDF or a selected portion of the file. This way, the area that you select will be converted to a PDF file instead of the whole document. To convert an Excel file to PDF on Mac. 

  1. Open the Excel file that you want to convert on your Mac. 
  2. Now select the portion that needs to be converted into PDF or leave the whole file as it is. 
  3. On the top left corner of the Excel file, click on “File” and proceed to the “Save as” option in the menu. 
  4. Click on the “Save as PDF” button to complete the conversion. 

Excel to PDF on iPhone 

You will see an interface similar to a Mac on your iPhone. However, there are some additional steps to be performed, which are given below. 

  1. Download the Excel app for your iPhone. 
  2. Open the Excel spreadsheet that you want to convert to PDF. 
  3. Go to the “File” icon on the top left corner of the screen. 
  4. Click on the “Export” option and select the “PDF” button. 
  5. Now, from the layout options, choose how you want to save your PDF and press “Next”. 
  6. Enter a name for your PDF and select a destination to download it. 

The converted file will be downloaded to the specified folder on your iPhone.

Excel to PDF on Android 

If you want to convert an Excel file from your Android device, these simple steps can guide you in the matter:

  1. Download the Excel application (if not downloaded already) from the App Store/ Play Store or whatever store provides the application on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. Open the Excel file you want to convert into a PDF using the application you have just downloaded. 
  3. Locate and go to the “File” tab in the top left corner. 
  4. Click on the “Print” option under the “File” tab.  
  5. You will see a “Save as PDF” button and the “Printing device” options. 
  6. Enter the name of your PDF file and press “Save” 
  7. You will provide a path/location on your Android device where the PDF will be saved. 


Converting an Excel file to a PDF is useful for file sharing. You can choose the conversion method that better suits you according to the operating system you use. This said, though, FormatPDF is recommended for easier conversions from any operating system, as it is a free online file conversion tool requiring no signup.