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How to create “Copy-Share” trending Instagram Reels?

Instagram’s launch of the Reels format has resulted in the emergence of various new themes and styles of video content on popular social media platforms. One of the latest trends gaining traction is the use of electro-optical scanning effects on objects in photos. This involves manipulating the image to give it a futuristic look as if it’s being scanned or analyzed by a high-tech device.

These Reels typically feature a piece of vibrant and sharp background music that complements the visual effects, making them even more appealing to viewers. The trend has caught on quickly, with many creators and influencers jumping on board to showcase their own unique take on the concept.

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to create Instagram Reels using the popular “Copy-Share” theme, which has been gaining popularity on both iPhone and Android phones. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or a casual user, these instructions will help you get started on making your own stunning Reels that are sure to stand out on Instagram.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for creating an Instagram Reel with the “Copy-Share” theme on both iPhone and Android devices:

How To on iPhone:

  1. Go to the photo that you want to use for your Reel in your camera roll.
    This step involves selecting a photo that will serve as the basis for your Reel video. You can either take a new photo or use one from your camera roll.
  2. Crop the photo to a 9:16 ratio.
    This is the recommended aspect ratio for Instagram Reels, which means you’ll need to adjust the size of your photo to fit this format.
  3. Turn on the screen recording.How to Enable Screen Recording on iPhone 12 Pro Max Without Mac/PC
    This feature is available on most iPhones and can be accessed via the Control Center. You’ll need to record your screen to capture the process of creating your Reel video.
  4. Hold down on the subject in the photo until the ‘copy/share’ icon appears.
    This step involves selecting the subject in your photo that you want to highlight in your Reel. Once you’ve selected the subject, hold down on it until the ‘copy/share’ icon appears. You can then proceed to the next step of creating your Reel video.

How To on Android:

  1. Load your photo into the CapCut app.
    This step involves downloading and opening the CapCut app on your Android device. Once you’ve done that, you can then import your chosen photo into the app.CapCut на русском языке для всех устройств бесплатно.
  2. Apply the “Electro-Optical Scanning” effect found under body effects.
    This is the effect that gives the photo its futuristic, high-tech look. You can find it under the body effects’ menu in the CapCut app.
  3. Add the text “Copy | Share” with white canvas background.
    This step involves adding the text “Copy | Share” to your Reel video, which is the signature element of this trend. You can do this by selecting the text tool in the app and choosing a white canvas background for the text to appear on.Once you’ve added the text, you’re ready to export your Reel video and share it on Instagram.

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