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How to create drop your best sunset photos on Instagram

Instagram has introduced a new tool that allows users to post a narrative requesting their followers to submit photographs.

The function, which isn’t restricted to sunset photographs, has sparked a movement known as ‘Drop Your Best Sunset Photos,’ in which people share their favourite sunset photos.

If you’ve noticed a lot of these sorts of photographs in your Instagram feed recently and aren’t sure why or how to participate, here’s your guide to Instagram’s new feature.

The social networking site has launched a new function that allows users to publish images in an album-like manner since the most recent update.

Despite the inadvertent creation of a sunset fad, the new function looks to be gaining traction, with over one million photographs uploaded thus far.

One Instagram user started the craze by uploading a caption to their storey inviting other users to ‘drop your greatest sunset.’ After then, anyone may add their photo to the chain, which continues.

To join the trend, go to an Instagram user’s storey who has posted a sunset shot. You’ll also see a white box with the words ‘Drop Your Best Sunset Photo’ next to the photo.

After you’ve clicked the box, a blue box with the words ‘click here’ will appear at the bottom of your screen. Simply click to be sent to your camera.

You may either shoot a photo or upload one from your camera roll and share it on Instagram just like any other narrative. After that, your shot will be included to the series of sunset images.

Many Twitter users are liking the newest trend since anybody can go at the sunset photographs submitted with the latest function.

Despite the fact that the sunset craze has taken over our Instagram feeds, the function may be utilised to share images on any subject. Despite the fact that users are enjoying the sunsets, Twitter is advocating for a more practical trend.

There are numerous chains to add to and see if you look through other Instagram stories to discover your favourite aspect of the new feature.



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