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Walmart offers customers a chance to buy Bitcoin at 200 Kiosks in its stores.

Walmart has rocketed to the trending list on Twitter following its pilot program which provides shoppers with the opportunity to buy Bitcoin at Coinstar Kiosks in some of its stores. This collaboration with Coinstar began earlier this month.


The What and How

In this pilot program, Walmart has joined hands with Coinstar. Coinstar has a reputation for its machines which allow customers to exchange U.S coins for paper bills or cards. Across various Walmart stores in the U.S, there will be about 200 kiosks that will let shoppers buy Bitcoin. This program is only a small part of a bigger initiative in which Coinstar has joined hands with Coinme, a cryptocurrency cash exchange. The collaboration is with the aim of offering Bitcoin at over 8000 kiosks.

The program further underscores the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, once again highlighting the fact that cryptocurrency is here to stay. Walmart will be of immense help in extending the reach of Bitcoin to the larger public, while also adding to its validity and legitimacy. This will also help clear the haze of skepticism that is associated with cryptocurrency and which prevents people from investing in it more. Bitcoin ATMs are not a new scenario after all. Several supermarkets already provide this service.

This program comes just a few weeks after the fake news that stated that Walmart will begin accepting payments in Litecoin. Although that news was fake, the fact remains that Walmart is still mulling over the potential and possibilities of cryptocurrency and its scope of embedding it in its activities. Cryptocurrency has been adopted by several major players in the tech and business domain, which has helped in solidifying its position as a currency of the future, despite its intense volatility. The news about Walmart offering shoppers an opportunity to buy Bitcoins has sparked up a flurry of reactions and responses on Twitter, and soon enough, Walmart made it to the trending list on the social media platform. Let us flip through a few reactions and responses.



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