How to download YouTube shorts

How do YouTube Shorts work?


So, TikTok videos and YouTube Shorts are extremely similar. The videos are brief and vertical. They must be shorter than 60 seconds. They must be square or vertical. Videos longer than 60 seconds or in the horizontal orientation will not function. These types of content and interaction are distinct from typical videos on YouTube. These need significantly less effort from your audience. They’ll watch and devour them much more quickly while they’re on the run. Shorts are now available and viewed on PCs, TVs, and mobile devices in addition to being optimised for watching on mobile devices. Additionally, there are no prerequisites for beginning to write and upload Shorts. You may start doing it right away on a brand-new channel. Therefore, to begin with, we’ll examine how to watch and use YouTube Shorts as well as how to publish this new format in comparison to your standard YouTube material.

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How to download YouTube shorts quickly on a computer


Nowadays, YouTube Shorts must be posted as regular videos in much of the Western world. after which the term “Shorts” was added. I made a video explaining all you need to know about YouTube Shorts if you want additional details on this. However, let’s navigate to the content section and look for a YouTube short you want to download. I just finished this one, for instance. After that, click Download after clicking the three arrows. The compressed version that was uploaded to YouTube is what loads here. Now that a copy is available, you may use it wherever you choose, including Reel and TikTok.


How to download YouTube shorts quickly on a phone


Now, keep in mind that you’ll need to find the YouTube clip you desire. Go to videos, then. I scroll down to say, “This one,” in my situation. As a result, it has been posted as a typical video, exactly like you would do in any other way, as you can see. Additionally, notice the tiny arrow here that reads “Download”; pressing it will download the file to your smartphone. In this scenario, the majority of options specify WiFi alone, but you may configure it to use WiFi or mobile data as needed. Anyway, it will store it on your phone, where you may then use it however you choose. Share it on Instagram and TikTok by uploading it. Reels of that nature are right.