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How to download YouTube videos on iPhone

Few things are more aggravating than viewing a YouTube video on your iPhone and having it buffer unexpectedly. Worse, your video is lagging because your internet connection has gone south. Maybe you’re on the road and your service is patchy. Perhaps there isn’t any WiFi accessible since you went camping and are lucky enough to be stranded in your car due to a storm.

If only you could have some of your favourite YouTube videos saved to your iPhone so you could watch them offline. There are a few options for downloading your favourite YouTube videos to your iPhone so that you may view them offline. There are a number official and unofficial ways to download the content.

YouTube Premium

To begin with, downloading videos from YouTube that aren’t yours is against the company’s terms of service, except in the official method we’re going to show you.

Now, as far as legal issues go, you should be alright if you’re only downloading YouTube videos for personal watching. The terms of service on YouTube are expected to safeguard advertising revenue that is lost as a result of people downloading videos. Nonetheless. It’s possible that you’ll be held liable.

However, if you’re someone who constantly goes via the appropriate channels, you’ll want to subscribe to YouTube Premium, the platform’s premium membership service.

YouTube offers customers an ad-free version of the platform for $11.99 per month. You may also download your favourite videos if you want to view them offline.

Simply start viewing a video on the YouTube iOS app once you’ve subscribed to YouTube Premium. A Download option may be found below the video. Tap Download, then select your preferred video quality. When the video has finished downloading, a checkmark will show below it. Your downloads will be accessible through YouTube’s Library and Account sections.

Third-Party Services

There are still options to download YouTube videos directly to your iPhone if you don’t want to join up for YouTube Premium.

The first thing you’ll need is the Readdle Documents app. It’s an iOS file manager that’s completely free. Once it is installed on your iPhone, open Safari or the YouTube mobile app and copy the URL to the YouTube video you wish to download.

The next step is to launch Documents by Readdle and navigate to the app’s built-in browser. Go to a third-party YouTube download page using the Documents by Readdle browser.

The Browser tab you’re searching for is right there on the lower right-hand side. There are plenty of websites that will allow you to copy and paste a video URL to download it. These websites, on the other hand, are often updated. Simply use Google to look for one.

Select the video quality you wish to download after locating a YouTube downloader service and pasting your link.

While using the Documents by Readdle app, go to the third-party YouTube download website and enter your YouTube URL into the download form. These sites will frequently provide you a variety of video quality options. Choose the one you one and save or download it.

It’ll begin downloading, as visible in the Downloads menu in the Browser.
Then, in Documents by Readdle, go to the Downloads tab under the My Files menu. That’s all there is to it. The video will be available for offline watching after it has been downloaded.

Within the My Files menu, you may find your video files in the Downloads folder.





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