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Advantages of 3D Product Modeling

Architecture, design, cinematography, animation – in the recent past, sketches on paper were the main tools for working in these areas.  However, now, with the rapid development of technology, everything has changed significantly.  With the introduction of 3D modeling, specialists have almost completely forgotten about paper and drawing tools.  They have been successfully replaced by new, more efficient and complex resources that open up the widest opportunities and prospects for a person. 

2D and 3D design: the main difference

 The main disadvantage of 2D design is that it can be difficult to visualize how a part, assembly, or structure looks in space from drawings.  However, positioning 3d product modeling as progress and 2D as a step back is wrong.  2D and 3D design are different approaches to solving the problem.  In some cases, a flat image is sufficient.  For example, in the development of electrical circuits, automation schemes, the location of machine components, and the like.

What are the most obvious benefits of 3D modeling?  What improvements can be achieved when using three-dimensional graphics in certain modern areas?

 First, clarity.  This is especially useful for large and complex assemblies.  For example, if specialists of different directions work on a project, for example, builders, electricians, layering of various communications occurs.  3D modeling eliminates such incidents.  Secondly, from a three-dimensional model it is easy to get the necessary views and sections to create a drawing.  The program automatically creates drawings and specifications from a 3D object model.  Third, you can easily calculate the mass, volume, strength and other physical parameters of the designed part.  Fourth, the 3D model can be modified and edited.

 Also, it should be remembered that 3D modeling eliminates the need to create a layout.  This factor is of great importance.  When using conventional drawings, you should perform a test 3D model, which will give you the opportunity to visually familiarize yourself with all the characteristic aspects of the project.  And when using 3D graphics, everything will be much easier.  Three-dimensional modeling capabilities allow you to see the future object by examining all the details at the required angle.  There is no need to create a design, and any shortcomings can be corrected before launching a test sample.  This circumstance allows, first of all, to achieve significant time savings.  It also means less effort and resources in the design process.

 Another important fact is that it is possible to synthesize different images in 3D modeling.  Sometimes 3D objects are embedded in the real background.  And sometimes it happens the other way around – real objects are embedded in the virtual 3D scene.

 The main advantages of this technique also include high realism, information content and visibility of images in three dimensions.  These qualities of the projected image allow you to make the most accurate calculations and make the smartest decisions.

 Finally, 3D modeling can influence the reactions of others – everything is so realistic that it is perceived as reality.

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