How to enable and use YouTube video ‘Queue’ feature

Dissimilar to Netflix, YouTube was never truly intended for marathon watching. You could introduce augmentations, however they never functioned admirably. Presently, you can formally make a video line from any page, sit back, and watch recordings without leaving the player.

YouTube is testing video queue for Android and iOS

The video line include is accessible on the recently upgraded YouTube site. On the off chance that you see greater video thumbnails on the landing page and a new “Add To Line” button when you drift over a thumbnail, you approach the element. In the event that not, you’ll need to hold on until YouTube rolls the update for all clients.
YouTube hasn’t declared assuming it intends to bring the line element to its portable applications on iPhone, iPad, or Android. For the time being, it’s just for those watching on their PCs utilizing an internet browser.
The Add to Line button is accessible on the landing page, the hunt page, and in the suggestions menu. So regardless of where you will be, you can begin a line. You can do this while watching a video, or prior to beginning one.
This is the secret. Open the YouTube site on your PC and float over a video thumbnail.
This will in a flash raise a smaller than expected player in the base right corner of the screen. This is your line. You can tap on the “Play” button to begin playing the video. In any case, a line with only one video is a sorry line.
How about we start by adding more recordings. Drift over one more video thumbnail and afterward tap on the “Add to Line” button again to add it underneath the past video. Would this for every one of the recordings you like to watch in this meeting. You can explore to an alternate YouTube page, and the small player will wait.
The line will be refreshed. Click on the base toolbar in the small player to grow the line.

Here, you’ll see every one of the recordings recorded. To climb a video, click on the “Handle” symbol and drag it up or down. If you have any desire to erase a video from the line, simply click on the “Erase” button.

At the point when you push on the “Play” button on a video from the smaller than usual player, it will begin playing the video in the scaled down player itself.
Click on the “Extend” button in the upper passed on corner of the player to open the video page.