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How To Evolve Feebas in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
A guide on Evolving Feebas in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has expanded with the exciting addition of The Teal Mask DLC. With this DLC, players can embark on new quests, enjoy thrilling mini-games, and discover a host of beloved Pokemon, including the elusive Feebas. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to find Feebas and, most importantly, how to evolve it into the majestic Milotic.

Credits – DotEsports

Finding Feebas 

Feebas can be found in the tranquil waters of the Crystal Pool, a location nestled beside the towering Oni Mountain in the upper reaches of Mossui Town. To begin your quest to locate Feebas, follow these simple steps:

  1. Reach the Crystal Pool: First, make your way to the Crystal Pool in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Teal Mask DLC. Upon arrival, head southeast towards the edge of the pool’s waters.
  2. Discover the Hidden Cave: As you approach the edge, you’ll spot a concealed cave entrance. Enter this cave, and you’ll soon realize that it stretches deep into the earth. To descend to the bottom of the cave, use your Glide ability or execute well-timed jumps from the sides.
  3. Navigate the Underground Tunnel: Once you’re inside the cave, you’ll encounter a tunnel with Pokemon waiting for your arrival. Continue through this tunnel until you encounter a hole that leads downward. Jump into the pool of water below and swim your way through the underwater tunnel to the next room.
  4. Spotting Feebas: In this room, you’ll find Feebas, but it won’t reveal itself as readily as other Pokemon. To locate Feebas, keep a keen eye out for bubbles in the water. As you move over these bubbles, Feebas will emerge. Engage it in battle, weaken it, and then capture it to add it to your collection.

Evolving Feebas 

Now that you’ve successfully caught Feebas, the next step is to evolve it into the elegant Milotic. To achieve this evolution, you’ll need a special item called the Prism Scale, which can be found exclusively in The Teal Mask DLC. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Obtaining the Prism Scale: The Prism Scale is a rare item that is essential for Feebas’s evolution. In The Teal Mask DLC, the developers have included only two of these items to make it challenging yet achievable. You can acquire the first Prism Scale relatively early in the game by completing your Pokedex. It’s the second reward you’ll receive for your Pokedex achievements. The second Prism Scale can be found in Fellhorn Gorge, located in the Kitakami Region. Head to this area, and you’ll discover the Prism Scale situated just across the lake.
  2. The Evolution Process: To evolve Feebas into Milotic, follow these steps:
    • Find a Trustworthy Partner: In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the evolution of Feebas into Milotic requires a trade with another player. It’s crucial to find a trustworthy friend or trading partner.
    • Prism Scale Exchange: Both you and your trade partner should give the Prism Scale you’ve acquired to your respective Feebas. This exchange will facilitate the evolution process.
    • Milotic Emerges: Once you’ve both traded Feebas holding the Prism Scale, the magic will happen. Both Feebas will evolve into the majestic Milotic, a sight to behold.

Prism Scale Location

For those seeking a quick way to obtain a Prism Scale in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, The Teal Mask DLC offers two methods:

  1. Fellhorn Gorge: The easiest way to acquire a Prism Scale is to head to Fellhorn Gorge. The image above indicates its precise location on the central far-right of the map. As soon as you gain the freedom to explore Kitakami following the initial moments of The Teal Mask DLC, you can venture to Fellhorn Gorge and collect your Prism Scale promptly.
  2. Pokedex Completion Reward: Alternatively, you can earn a Prism Scale as a reward for catching 140 Pokemon in your Kitakami Pokedex. However, if you’re still a long way from reaching this milestone, heading to Fellhorn Gorge remains the more accessible option.


In the expansive world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, discovering Feebas and evolving it into the magnificent Milotic is an achievement worth celebrating. Armed with the knowledge from this guide, you can now embark on your quest with confidence, seeking out Feebas in the Crystal Pool and obtaining the elusive Prism Scale to facilitate its evolution. With the right strategy and a trustworthy trading partner, you’ll soon witness the transformation of Feebas into the enchanting Milotic, adding a remarkable addition to your Pokemon roster.