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How to fight from misinformation? Google has a way!

Proneness to information is a boon as well as a bane. While the mainstream media shows us all the handful of information they get, the human race is also continuously bombarded with the immense sources of information such as social media, internet, etc. The main threat to such sources is misinformation or fake news that sometimes misguides the individuals making their belief system build up on a false foundation. This problem is continuously increasing not only in India but around the world and to cope up and combat with such misinformation, Google and Youtube have found a way.


Fake Election Information 


US election in a file photo

Credits: India Today

Some of them are real and most of them are fake. To fight from such practices Google has turned to ways that would prove the legitimacy of the information. The famous search engine has now introduced a tool through which they can showcast regional journalism and local news. Google also said that they will start and highlight topics like how to vote in both English and Spanish so that people could be educated upon such topics. Meanwhile, youtube has also made a statement where it claims to highlight the mainstream news only. The company will only show such news that is legitimate news source. Youtube will show labels under the videos that will show the accuracy of the video. The labels will be both in English and Spanish.


Initiative By Youtube


This initiative of Google and Youtube is worth appreciation as the companies have now taken initiative to not only reduce fake news but also eliminate them from the internet. Youtube’s algorithm will work in such a way that channels or video showcasing fake news or non legitimate news will now be prevented from the public eye. Youtube will work on such content and will try to ensure that the least number of viewers watch such videos so that they can prevent harmful election content. Such initiatives will help to save the integrity of Google and Youtube. In accordance with both these apps, Meta will also help and prevent the chain of fake election news from its apps. Community guidelines will be followed and even if there is any fake news related to elections it will become unavailable from the app as soon as possible.




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