How to find if an airtag is tracking you

At the point when THE AIRTAG sent off in 2021, Apple’s Bluetooth tracker with super wideband was commended as a stage toward the fate of expanded reality and an extraordinary method for tracking down ordinary items, similar to your lost television remote. Online protection specialists communicated worry that the GPS beacon would be taken advantage of by stalkers. As we draw nearer to AirTag’s one-year commemoration, those admonitions seem insightful.

Apple reveals that AirTag will inform you if you are being 'stalked' |  TechSpot
Source: TechSpot

Signs an AirTag Is Following You

The kind of cell phone you own influences how effectively you can find stowed away AirTags. Proprietors of iPhones running iOS 14.5 or more up to date ought to get a push alert at whatever point an obscure AirTag is close by for a drawn out timeframe and away from its proprietor. Apple’s site doesn’t give a specific time period to when this alarm is set off.
At the point when you click on the iPhone alert, you might be given the choice to play a sound on the AirTag to assist with finding the gadget. Make sure that you will get these cautions by going into the Find My application, pick the Me tab in the base right corner, and ensure Thing Security Alarms is green and flipped to one side under Warnings.
Months after the arrival of the AirTag, Apple sent off the Tracker Recognize application for Android telephones. Dissimilar to the security highlights accessible for the iPhone, the Android application doesn’t naturally search for obscure AirTags. Clients should start the sweep.
As indicated by Eva Galperin, overseer of network safety at the Electronic Outskirts Establishment, the justification for the application’s restricted usefulness is confounded.
While certain advisers for finding AirTags suggest utilizing Bluetooth scanners, Galperin doesn’t believe this technique to be solid for tracker looking..