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How to find messages, photos, links from old chats on WhatsApp

You can easily find messages, photos, links from old chats on WhatsApp. There is a search option present at the top of the screen from where users can look for old messages through the search button by typing in a phrase or word they are looking for in the search field.

  • Users can search for messages, photos, links from old chats on WhatsApp by searching in the search field. 
  • WhatsApp users can also look for particular photos, videos, gifs, documents, and links conveniently by selecting the ‘Media, Links and Docs’ option.
  • If you feel like a message is important, you can also star mark the message to find it easily for future use. 

The need of Whatsapp has become almost as important as breathing. With Whatsapp users can exchange documents, important information, photos or videos. Since users exchange so much data over Whatsapp, Whatsapp is like a small little directory where you can find old but important texts like login passwords or other important details. You can need these details anytime and scrolling up to get the message can be hard, so here is another way!

Your old Whatsapp messages will fill the need after years or months since they were first sent. It is anything but difficult to track down old messages on WhatsApp through the pursuit button given that you recall in any event single word from the chats. The search button serves the capacity of Control + F when you are searching for a specific line in a different page report.

How to find old text messages on WhatsApp- 

How to Search WhatsApp Chat Messages

source- HowtoGeek

  1. Head straight to Whatsapp app.
  2. Open the in which your conversation took place.
  3. There will be three dots present on the right side of your screen.
  4. Tap on ‘Search’.
  5. Type the word you want to search from your conversation like ‘Passwords’ etc.
  6. Click on the Top arrow to find the old conversation related to the word you typed in.
  7. Keep tapping on the upward arrow till you find the old chat. Users can access chats till the time they are backed up on their phones.

How To filter media by content type- 

You can find all types of view all photos, videos, links, GIFs, audio, or documents.

  1. Open Whatsapp app in your phone.
  2. Tap on Search.
  3. Tap Photos, Videos, Links, GIFs, Audio, or Documents to view media in that category.Users can also star-mark a message if they feel it is useful as they can look for it easily later.




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