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Black Friday and Cyber Monday scams: How to stay safe and shop online

There is no sale as big as the Black Friday Sale. According to expectations a whole lot of people will probably shop online because of the pandemic. Since the sale will be executed online it will be highly prone to security risks which may further lead to online scams, experts say.

The section chief of the FBI’s Financial Crimes section- Steven Merrill, say that the agency expects cybercriminals to put in extra work trying to scam people looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

“The majority of people are going to be home, and they’re going to do their shopping online more so than ever,” he said.

The most common way to trick shoppers  falling these scams will be to email enticing coupons says Mieke Eoyang, a cybercrime expert at Third Way, a security-minded think tank.

How to stay safe and shop online in the Black Friday sale

“Look out for deals that seem too good to be true that are emailed, and instead go to the website separately and see if that deal is actually on the website,” Eoyang said. “Because a lot of people are going to receive emails trying to tempt them into deals that are too good to be true.

There is a guide which specially spells out cybersecurity basics for online holiday shopping. In the same publication the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency clearly state that shoppers should “make sure that you are interacting with a reputable, established vendor” before sending money.

However, its not true that only shopping through major sites will get you  a no fraud warranty tag. If you find a shop which is unfamiliar to you it is not neccesarily a scam show. All you will have to confirm is that they have a local presence in reality.

“A lot of criminals are looking to acquire what we call PII, personally identifiable information, whoever they can get it from. They use it to create false identities to create credit cards in other people’s names,” Merrill said.

On the off chance that somebody is possibly a victim of such a trick the first of the informations fruadsters get is your credit card statement. The tricksters who carry out the Cyber Monday scams  have a specific way to work things out. They can report it to law authorization, similar to the FBI, call their charge card organization, and follow strategies made by casualty administrations like the Cybercrime Support Network.

So keep your senses wide open while you shop in the Black Friday Sale to not become a part of Cyber Monday scams.



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