How to generate ATM pin PNB

Have you lately created a Punjab National Bank account? According to your account opening preferences, the account opening kit includes a passbook, ATM card, and online banking kit. You must first activate your ATM card before making any transactions with it.

The ATM PIN is included in the package. You must go to an ATM and enter the card into the machine slot to activate the card. The card will be activated and you will be able to use it for future purchases after entering the PIN and resetting a new PIN.

However, with the developments in the Indian banking sector, Punjab National Bank developed a new capability to generate PNB ATM/Debit Card PINs without the need of PIN mailers.

It saves both time and money. PNB’s Green PIN idea is applicable to both freshly issued and existing cards. If a PNB Cardholder forgets their PIN, they can use the Green PIN features to obtain a duplicate PIN. 


The Green PIN is given to every account holder who applies for a PNB Debit card when the card is delivered. The Green PIN OTP will be sent to your registered cellphone number.

If you didn’t get the Green PIN or OTP after receiving the debit card, you can activate the card by sending an SMS to 5607040 with the text “DCPIN Card Number.”

On your cellphone number, you will receive a 6-digit OTP that is good for 72 hours. This OTP may be used to quickly set the PNB Debit Card PIN.

Method 1: Without Internet Banking, Reset PNB ATM Debit Card PIN

  • To get started, go to the PNB internet banking login page and select Generate Debit Card Pin.
  • Enter the account number on the following screen and click the proceed button.
  • For user authentication, a one-time password will be given to your registered cellphone number. Click the proceed button after entering your OTP.
  • Now you must input your debit card number as well as the green pin OTP sent to your phone number. Then, click the submit button after entering the CAPTCHA code given in the picture.
  • To finish the procedure, enter and re-enter the new debit card pin, as well as the submit button. A confirmation notification will appear on the screen.

Method 2: Reset the PIN on a PNB ATM Debit Card Using an ATM

You must go to the ATM to activate and establish the PIN for the new ATM/Debit Card. In the slot, place the card. Choose the option to ‘ENTER GREEN PIN (OTP)’.
The message will appear on the screen, requesting you to input the 6-digit OTP sent to your registered cellphone number. Press YES after entering the 6-digit OTP.
The screen will display a message asking you to enter your preferred 4-digit ATM PIN. Click on press here after entering the new PIN. For confirmation, you must re-enter the same 4-digit PIN.

If you input the PIN successfully twice, the system will remember the new PIN. The confirmation notice will appear on the screen right away.

Method 3: Using Internet Banking to generate a PNB ATM Debit Card PIN

  • You may also use Internet Banking Services to set the PIN for your new ATM/Debit Card.
  • Use your login ID and password to access your Internet Banking account.
  • Under the Card related service, select Tab Value Added Services and then Set/Reset Debit Card PIN.
  • You must now choose the account number that the ATM card is linked to.
  • You will be sent to a new page where you must enter the Card Number and Expiration Date as they appear on the card. You must also input the OTP that was sent to your registered cellphone number. To continue, click the Submit button.
  • You must now create a new four-digit PIN for your ATM card. Re-enter the 4-digit PIN and click the Update button to confirm it. The PIN will be saved in the system, and a notification will appear on the screen verifying that the PIN was properly generated.


Punjab National Bank offers three simple online and offline ways for generating a PIN for a new ATM/Debit card. You can choose from any of the three choices that suit your needs.